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PITTSBURGH -- Edge said during Armageddon that Vickie Guerrero's love has given him the "strength of three men." That statement rang true during the Triple Threat Match, as he had the help of a pair of Rated-R replicas en route to winning the World Heavyweight Title. As the Rated-R Superstar revealed in a WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video, it turns out that the doppelganger duo was none other than Brett & Brian Major. But just why would they agree to help Edge in the culmination of his master plan?

PITTSBURGH -- With Armageddon -- and the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship -- just hours away, surely Batista, Undertaker and Edge must have thought about the significance of where tonight's Triple Threat Match is taking place. After all, it was in Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena last May when SmackDown history was made by all three Superstars -- and a Rated-R champion was crowned.

PITTSBURGH -- Over the past few weeks, Finlay has neglected his personal well-being to protect Hornswoggle from the clutches of The Great Khali. At Armageddon, however, the illegitimate son of Mr. McMahon finally repaid the favor, helping the Irishman slay the Punjabi giant, and earning one of the, literally, biggest wins of his career.

PITTSBURGH -- Rey Mysterio came into Armageddon hoping to beat some respect into MVP and walk out as the United States Champion. While he was unable to accomplish the latter -- the Master of the 619 won their match by countout, but did not win the gold because titles cannot change hands on a count-out -- he took a big step toward accomplishing the former once the bout was over.

PITTSBURGH -- It's never easy battling a force of nature. And make no mistake, Women's Champion Beth Phoenix is most definitely a force of nature. The Glamazon's challenger, Mickie James, found that out the hard way as she tried to weather Hurricane Beth tonight in front of a sold-out crowd at Armageddon, only to find herself swept away in the end.

PITTSBURGH -- Shawn Michaels had heard enough of the whispering in the locker room. He'd heard enough of the muttering behind his back that perhaps The Showstopper's best days were behind him, and that the younger guns of WWE were passing the four-time World Champion by.

PITTSBURGH -- For a while, it looked like Chris Jericho was indeed going to save us from Randy Orton and end his days as WWE Champion at Armageddon. But it took the divine intervention of a "wrestling god" to save the Legend Killer.

PITTSBURGH - Gaping mouths and wide eyes peppered throughout the capacity crowd at the Mellon Arena helped tell the tale. Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy pulled out a surprising, career-altering victory over the power and intensity of Triple H to earn an opportunity at the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble next month.

The perfect storm of CM Punk and Kane touched down in the Mellon Arena but the unlikely pair could not overcome half-ton titans Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. With an intrinsic physical advantage, the mammoths prevailed after the 500-pound ECW Superstar managed to pin the ECW Champion.

PITTSBURGH -- For the second time this year, Edge has transformed Pittsburgh into the "Steal City." Actually, highway robbery might be the best way to describe his heinous actions at Armageddon Sunday night, when he -- aided heavily by some shocking outside interference from "Edge" and "Edge" -- defeated Batista and Undertaker, and all but stole the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Natural Disasters, Earthquake & Typhoon. The Twin Towers, The Big Boss Man & Akeem. The Undertaker & Big Show. Sports-entertainment has seen its share of colossal combinations; pairings of powerful forces that should never be permitted to be on the same side of the squared circle - not just to keep the ring from tipping, but to also maintain order in WWE. But of all the Titanic-sized team-ups in history, perhaps the most alarmingly dangerous duo exists in the alliance between Big Daddy V and Mark Henry.

The Armageddon clock has almost reached zero. Doomsday is upon us, and the powder keg that is the World Heavyweight Championship scene is about to explode like never before. Three men, multiple grudges … one title. But who -- if anyone -- has the advantage heading into Sunday night's championship showdown?

Throughout his career, Finlay has been known as one of the toughest, most physically brutal men to ever set foot in the squared circle. He has fought the world over to perfect his trade, from his beginnings as a rough barroom brawler in Belfast to every Friday night on SmackDown. But at Armageddon, Finlay will face quite possibly the biggest challenge of his career when he steps into the ring against The Great Khali.

The Ultimate Opportunist did it again at the sold-out Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh as Edge essentially stole the World Heavyweight Championship in the Steel City. The Rated-R Superstar was victorious in the Triple Threat Match for the gold, but as our fans watching live on pay-per-view witnessed, it actually took three Edges to synch the title from Batista. The newly crowned champion unveils his master plan in a must-see, post-Armageddon exclusive video, available only on WWE Mobile on AT&T.

Chris Jericho's second coming isn't just about his return to WWE and mission to "save_us" from Randy Orton's WWE Championship reign. It's about the birth of a new and improved Y2J.

With two storm fronts meeting directly in the middle of ECW, the question has become what will it take to quell a squall the size of Big Daddy V and Mark Henry? Days before Armageddon, it appears the answer might be the improbable team of ECW Champion CM Punk and Kane, the ideal blend of thunder and lightning -- a veritable perfect storm.

From the way Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Michaels have torn into each other over the past several weeks, it's easy to say that these two men are polar opposites.

There's an old saying in cards that goes something like this: There are no friends at a poker table. If that adage is to be believed, it's a good thing that Triple H claims not to be good at the "friend thing", since the stakes in his Armageddon match with Jeff Hardy have been raised drastically. The winner of their match will earn a WWE Championship title match at Royal Rumble.

The phrase "once in a lifetime" is often overused. It's used to hype up car sales, game shows and Super Bowls that turn into blowouts. But for Jeff Hardy, who has spent his career flying from the highest heights and crashing onto opponents through tables, sacrificing his own personal well-being for victory, his once in a lifetime moment comes Dec. 16 at Armageddon.

Just before his showdown with Shawn Michaels was announced for Armageddon, Mr. Kennedy continued to toss verbal grenades in his opponent's direction. The loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis. yanked the pin out of a few more pieces of artillery last Monday night as he held aloft Michaels' new DVD, Heartbreak & Triumph.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Chris Jericho's accomplished two goals when he interfered in Randy Orton and Ric Flair's Career Threatening Match Monday Night on Raw. He saved the "Nature Boy" from forced retirement at the Legend Killer's hands, and he successfully baited the WWE Champions into giving him a title opportunity at Armageddon.

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