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Description: . Equestrian at the 1912 Summer Olympics – Individual eventing

The individual eventing (Military) was an equestrian event held as part of the equestrian at the 1912 Summer Olympics programme. It was the first appearance of the event.

The competition was held from Saturday, July 13 to Wednesday, July 17, 1912 for a period of five days, with a day rest after the first two events.

A maximum of four riders from each nation was allowed. The entries closed on June 1, 1912. Every rider had to ride only one and the same horse in the event.

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      1.1 Trial 1 - Long distance ride 1.2 Trial 2 - Cross country ride 1.3 Trial 3 - Individual riding over steeplechase course 1.4 Trial 4 - Prize jumping (Show jumping test) 1.5 Trial 5 - Prize riding (Dressage test)
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The start and finish were both on the grounds of the Field Riding Club. In consequence of the hot weather prevailing, the ground was very hard. All the competitors were previously shown the course, which was marked with red flags. In addition to this, a map of the course and definite instructions were given by the guides to the competitors.

Saturday, July 13. 8 a.m. (Starting intervall five minutes) Course of the "Fältridtklubben" (Stockholm Cross Country Riding Club) Riders had 4 hours to cover a distance of 55 kilometres. Jean Cariou set the fastest time. One rider had a deduction for being 40 seconds too slow and one rider retired.

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