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Description: I called your cellphone to hear your pretty voice, I miss you so bad it even hurts to breathe. Please just call me back (why don't you call me?) I try and try to keep you safe, but its so

I called your cellphone to hear your pretty voice, I miss you so bad it even hurts to breathe. Please just call me back (why don't you call me?)

I try and try to keep you safe, but its so hard when you're so far away, you're so far away.

Chicago, is another world away (woah) I feel like giving in but I cant justify leaving you for good. All day I've been waiting for your phone call(woah)

I cant sleep another hour, you're running my mind again, you're in my thoughts and in my dreams, why wont you call me back?

I've waited and I'm tired (I've waited and I'm tired) to hear your voice (to hear your voice) I feel like I'm so broken (I feel like I'm so broken) I'm done. Track Name: Contagious VERSE 1

You're stupid, contagious, you dropped me just to watch me fall. I'm living and learning, I hope that you will die alone. I'm leaving and for good, you cant believe what your eyes see. I'm done with your problems, with fake friends, who needs them?

I don't wanna be like this, you're such a hypocrite, take your problems, take your lies, and all your friends. Forget the words you said, don't ever come here again. I hope this burns you, I hope this hurts you.

What ever happened to this, I used to dream about this, every night I lie alone, hoping for another chance to, take you out, and count the stars, but now you're not worth another second of my time (second of my time)

You took me by the hand, you said "lets run and never look back, I promise you right now, that you wont be the one who gets hurt."

Camano Hills the day begins, we wake up feeling just the same, as we did before. The neighbors hate all of our songs they say "give up and get a job" and work until we die alone.

We're blamed for everything, give up cause we're just having fun. You all were kids at one point, you know exactly how it feels, to be the good kid(be the bad kid) finding new things that we shouldn't. Just let us be, here on Glacier Peak!

You kick us down (we'll get back up) you think you're smart (no you're dead wrong) you'll never win this (wait and see) we're just getting started. I know that we can be cruel (but you know those are the rules) I'll never keep my mouth shut (keep my mouth shut)

Wake up and smell the coffee, fall face first right out of the bed, sleepwalk to the car and start the day all over again. I'm running on the only meal that I could afford last week. I'm not well fed, but, I am so fed up with living like this!

Give up, give up, stick with what you know, easy, steady, and slow (you can try to pull me down but I know better, consider this song my resignation letter)

Every step that I take the ladders breaking, while the ground below me is breaking, I don't want to climb the ladder any higher. I should've been a clown, cause life is such a joke, 4 years out of college, and I'm still flat broke.

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Beneath The Spin Light

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