Depression help hotlines

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Many depression hotlines are available for you to call right now. Don't be alone with your thoughts and feelings any longer. There is help for you.

If you are looking for an e-mail depression hotline or local support numbers to call, go to the Befrienders Worldwide website.

Some support centers have e-mail available. You can send a message through the website or send an e-mail to the address provided. A trained professional will usually answer your e-mail within the timeframe the website indicates.

  • Boys Town. This is an email option for youths and their parents. Turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours.
  • Crisis Chat. Talk about stress and other problems anonymously and get non-judgmental support.
  • IMAlive. Speak with a volunteer online without having to wait for an emailed reply.

E-mail depression hotlines are great for non-urgent situations. If you have an ongoing problem and you don't need immediate assistance, an e-mail may work for you. However, if you are going through a crisis, a phone call can help you right when you need it.

Another precaution with e-mail is that it is not as confidential as using the phone. You never know who may read your e-mail, and that person may not be under the same confidentiality agreement as a counselor. Additionally, someone you know may read your email and see what you wrote to the support center.

Don't wait to see if you will get over what you are going through right now. You don't have to do this on your own. The first step in feeling better is picking up the phone and calling one of the above numbers. Reach out and accept help from someone who will listen and understand.

If you are having thoughts of harming yourself, there is no question as to whether or not you should call a depression hotline. If you are not having suicidal thoughts, you may wonder if how you feel warrants a crisis call. It doesn't hurt to call, and it doesn't cost anything, so pick up the phone and make the call. No one will judge you, and you won't feel like you are wasting anyone's time with your problems. Many of the counselors are volunteers, so they do this because they enjoy helping others, not because they are being paid to do it.

Depression is a lonely mental illness. Sometimes you feel like no one understands or cares about how you are doing. The people staffing these hotlines do understand and care about you; they want to help you get through this tough time. There are many ways they can help:

  • Depression hotlines usually have trained counselors ready at a phone center to take your call.
  • You can call any day of the week, at any time during the day or night.
  • These counselors will take as much time as you need to talk about what you are going through.
  • They are skilled at helping you through problems and making you feel better about your situation.

After calling one of these support centers, the counselor may refer you to additional help. Crisis intervention is helpful. but you may have some residual effects from the crisis that require follow up. Since you won't be able to call back the same counselor, it may be a good idea to find one locally so you can start therapy. If you are not comfortable with therapy, you can always call a crisis center again for more support if you need it. Don't ever think you can't call a support center more than once!

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