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Been quite a while since I, or really anyone for that matter, wrote a little golf induced piece on here, so I thought  that the time was ripe to do so.

So, my game has actually progressed since leaving the Frozen north, but not really to the point where I am seriously happy. Don’t get to practice or play enough, although that is changing slowly. Coupled with the fact that my beautiful wife wants to learn the game, will get me back in the swing of things, no pun intended.

As you know from my posts, I am a little bit of a club junkie, but since being over in the Middle East, I have cut back on the amount of sticks in the garage.

My Mizuno MP-60’s are gone, as are a few other clubs. I still have my Hogan Apex Edges, a set of Nike half cavity, and my Taylor Made R9 TP’s. Those clubs are the subject of today’s missive.

I have recently been diagnosed with a little psoriatic arthritis in my right hand, so tend to not swing as hard as I used to. That plus the fact that I’m getting old doesn’t help. yes, you can laugh now.

I had bought a nice Titleist 910D3, but have fallen out of love with it. My TM Burner Superfast TP was in the bag until yesterday, and after last weeks showing at Yas Links, (81 in the wind) it was a week too late to put it in the closet.

Anyhow, went over to the range yesterday at the Els club which I live near, for the sole purpose of putting some new grips on a few clubs, and getting my lofts and lies checked. You should do this exercise once a year kids, it is worth it. Your clubs do change. Trust me.

So, my Golf Pride MCC grips, standard size were the choice, but the club fitter, a great guy named Jimmy Bishop, asked me, due to the size of my hands, if I wanted to extra wrap the shafts under the grip, or if I wanted to try mid-size grips. I opted for the mid-size in white and black, link here –> http://www.golfsmith.com/product/30024721/golf-pride-new-decade-multicompound-cord-white-600-round-midsize-grip

Also, he checked my 7 iron for loft and lie. Found out that it was 2 degrees strong on loft, and a little upright. Did a quick swing test, and found out that I needed 1 degree flat on my lie. Crazy. For years I have thought, and been told, that I was 1 degree up.

Went out to the range to test out the new configuration, and it worked wonderfully! Jimmy my new best friend, came out to watch a little, and gave me a couple of pointers to ensure that the club was doing the work, and not my body trying to.

He got my left hand a little flatter at address, and my right elbow tucked into my body a little more. Worked like a charm!

Crazy man, crazy. Took me all this time to figure out that I needed to have a larger grip on my clubs!

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