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Teramo is situated near the confluence of the Vezzole torrent with the Tordino River (that's why the Latin name of Interamnia, between rivers), and is a very old city, founded in pre-Roman time, though the general aspect is more recent, due to many 19th-20th century buildings.

Since for a long time it was a border place between the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Church State, it acquired a really special identity and, because of the difficult communications with the other parts of the country, it stayed isolated for long periods of time. The Gran Sasso tunnel recently allowed Teramo to get out of its isolation.

Two great monuments, not far away from each other, are almost the symbols of the town and its history: the majestic Cathedral and the Roman theatre. The summer calendar of events is very rich with for example the Teramo Literary Prize and the Interamnia Handball Cup, an international event with athletes coming from all over the world. The economy of the town is mostly based on activities connected with agriculture and commerce, as well as a sound industrial sector: textiles, foods, engineering, building materials and ceramics.

Founded by the population of Praetutii, the town was known in ancient times as 'Interamnia' (`between the rivers'). An important Municipium in Roman times, it rapidly declined after the fall of the Empire and, following Goth and Byzantine domination, became part of the territories of the Lombard Duchy of Spoleto. In 1156 it was put on fire by Norman Count Roberto di Loretello and then rebuilt thanks to Bishop Guido II. In the XIV and XV centuries it was plagued by feuds between local families which finally ended under the Aragonese dominion. After that it shared the fortunes of the Kingdom of Naples. It was united with Italy in 1860.

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