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Description: A Pompano Beach toddler died on Sunday after being found in a pool.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the call of 3-year-old boy drowning at 2742 S.E. 11 St.

“He’s a very bright little kid, the future soccer player of the family,” said his great-uncle Paulo Silva. “Everybody loved him.”

A neighbor told CBS4 News that the family gathered at the Pompano home had done cleaning for the family who lived there and was using the home for a family gathering.

“At some point, once they were inside the home, the three and a half year old toddler, young boy, somehow slipped outside of the house and it wasn’t until 5:30 in the afternoon the uncle was leaving the property and doing some cleaning up in the backyard that he actually spotted the child at the bottom of the pool,” explained Keyla Concepcion, BSO spokeswoman. “He jumped in, pulled him out began to do CPR immediately.”

“I think the time he spent here, he was a little angel that God really gave us to make our lives even happier during the time he was here, so we’re going to miss him a lot,” said Silva.

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