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Description: Italian Paratroops is an e-book about the Italian Army paratroops, second only to the Germans in size and combat lethality, during World War II, and describes in detail the amazing performance of the Folgore Parachute Division during the Battle of El Alamein.

“On the 6th of November the survivors of the Folgore Parachute Division surrendered to the British forces at the

gates of Fuka. The heroic survivors of the division received the honor of keeping their personal weapons (onore

delle armi in Italian, “honour of arms/weapons”). The Folgore Division destroyed 120 enemy tanks, while inflicting

heavy losses to the British 51st Infantry Division, 7th Armored Division, the Free French Brigade and the Greek

The "Folgore" lost 1100 men out of 3500 but inflicted over 3000 casualties on the British 7th Armored Division, 44th

and 50th Infantry Divisions and "Free French" forces. Italian eyewitnesses and official histories of the battle report

over 100 British tanks destroyed by the "Folgore", some with "Molotov" petrol bottles and magnetic mines. Four

different Italian sources report the destruction of several "Sherman" tanks on October 24th.”

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