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There were many marques from all over the world in the history of motorcycle production. Only some of the them have become permanently fixed in the consciousness of the worlds public and have become famous. One of the most famous motorcycle production companies was established by Frantiљek Janeиek in Prague. Since 1929 the products of this company have been known as JAWA.

Before World War II Frantiљek Janeиek developed these motorcycles and they became more and more popular. During this time Frantiљek Janeиek had many patents and inventions accredited to his name. The glory of JAWA didn't finish in 1945, when the company was nationalised and became state property. On the contrary the most up-to-date motorcycle had been developed and constructed secretively during World War II. It was a powerful and beautiful 2-stroke motorcycle known as the JAWA 250 cc with the compact engine, rear wheel suspension and many other innovations. This model was exported all over the world. In the fifties the further development of this motorcycle using the new idea of unified line production allowing both 250 and 350 cc motorcycle production to run side by side with many other innovations and patents. JAWA has exported this motorcycle to more than 120 countries worldwide. History.

The company JAWA Moto spol. s r.o. was established in 1997 as the successor to the original Jawa company using the trademark JAWA. The main business subjects of the company are research, development and the production of motorcycles, their spare parts and accessories. The basic elements of the production are moulding, welding, machining, paint technology and assembly. The company also specialises in the production of tools and instruments for the plastic moulding industry.

The majority owner is the joint – stock company JIHOSTROJ Veleљнn, the famous producer of the hydraulic components and regulations systems for the automotive and aircraft industry.

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