Krusteaz pancake mix recipe

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Description: Cost-efficient: No need to add eggs or oil. They’re already in the mix Time-efficient: No need to measure out the other ingredients Customizable: Create richer texture and

  • Cost-efficient:  No need to add eggs or oil. They’re already in the mix
  • Time-efficient:  No need to measure out the other ingredients
  • Customizable:  Create richer texture and mouth-feel by adding eggs, oil or your own signature ingredients and toppings
  • Adaptable:  Endless topping and filling potential, from sweet to savory; can be used as a breakfast staple or transformed into high-margin desserts, sides, entrées and more—for any time of day
  • Versatile:  Fan favorites include shapes made with cookie cutters, and customizable toppings
  • Trend-Ready:  Add rolled oats, wheat germ or whole-grain flours for a healthier profile, or go all-out with decadent ingredients
  • Flexible:  You can easily scale up or down—only use as much mix as you need and store the rest
  • Healthy:
    • All of our mixes meet the nutritional guidelines for zero grams trans fat on the label
    • We use a special blend of canola and soy oils rather than highly saturated fats such as hydrogenated palm oils
    • Our Multigrain Pancake Mix 731-0195  contains whole grain and unbleached wheat flour and no partially hydrogenated oil
    • Additionally, our CMValue Brand  Ranch Hand Buttermilk Pancake Mix   contains no partially hydrogenated oils

For many kids of all ages, Krusteaz is another name for pancakes and waffles. Just seeing the Krusteaz name on the box (and the warm rich smell that fills the air) lets us know that a delicious, fulfilling breakfast is on the way.

Your operation benefits from delivering those same feelings. And even though your students, patients, or patrons aren’t tugging at your apron, Krusteaz Professional brings you innovative new ways to provide the same anticipation of excellence.

  • Spread it thin for sweet or savory crêpes and blini
  • Pour it thick for amazing aebleskivers (Danish pancake balls)
  • Pair it with Peanut Butter & Banana for breakfast, or Ham & Gruyère for lunch
  • Use it as a topping alternative for comforting cobblers
  • Top them with ice cream, whipped cream or fruit for dessert
  • Create on-trend with Chicken & Waffles and other protein side dishes
  • Use them instead of bread in sweet and savory sandwiches
  • Feature them for “breakfast-at-dinner” programs

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