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. And she has also asked in the past that her name not be posted so I may be asked to take this thread down. But until I am, there are enough other sites that connect MZ D and her name to leave well enough alone for now.

HERE IS WHAT I KNOW DIRECT FROM HER MOUTH: It was a combination of thefts from her FBB "fans" and - more importantly - the name connection by those same "fans" to her dom side that caused the stress and eventual exit. No one uses their real name on the dom stuff and their fans have respect for their performers. The biggest culprit of the exposure is a site that begins with an S. She was dom before FBB and never had issues with theft or exposure. Unfortunately, it was our side that killed the golden goose. As the pirates stole her clips at a crazxy rate, her revenue went down (from about 10k to less than 1K). She has very sophisticated tracking and knew her clips were being stolen. As a side note, Dani is very bright and is designing websites. So, tired of fighting and her "Dom side" exposed to her family and non-dom friends, she just vanished.

Genetically gifted. On a lne with Tommy Moreu or Michelle Ralabate, she was on track to take FBB to a new level. Lats like a heavyweight; balance, looks, attitude. pecs that did things no one else really could even think of let alone master. But in the end, it just didn't happen for her. She had a few major health issues (non-FBB related) and with the stress of pirates and privacy mentioned above, just quit.

HOWEVER: and I do believe this -- she really *LOVES* the gym and *LOVES* the lifestyle. Her husband still comptes last I heard. I think she likes the power rush and is a true gym rat.

SO: Unlike Melissa Dettwiller (Happily married and with child) or Carla Gutierez (ditto) and Queen Lynn (fighting a major battle with cancer), I think MZ. D could be convinced to come out of retirement.

HOW. I wish we could mount a compaign to flood her C4S site with purchases to show her we are willing to pay to get her back. On a given day, every member here could follow a link from MCS and buy the same clip. Trust me she would notice. A "We want you back and will treat you better" event.

Look, there just aren't many real FBBs right now who can do close to what she did. Yes, many talented FBBs. I am not minimizing them. Laurie, Angela, and others. But as LLM mentioned, MZ D was royalty. One of 4 to ever be a pec control perfect 10 in my book. ANd she might be persuaded if we tried. She monitors that kind of stuff more than her email. So if we want her back, that is the only hope IMHO.

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