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Description: Miracle movie true story at Reel-Faces. Meet the real faces behind the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team, including Mike Eruzione and Herb Brooks. See the team photos and watch the Miracle movie trailer.

Yes. All of the players in the film, from the captain Mike Eruzione (Patrick O'Brien Demsey) to the goalie Jim Craig (Eddie Cahill), were based on actual players. The assistant coach Craig Patrick (Noah Emmerich) is a real person as well. You can see more Reel Face - Real Face photos here .

Yes. Minnesota native Buzz Schneider, who scored team USA's first goal in their 1980 upset over the Soviet Union, was portrayed by his twenty-two year-old real life son Billy Schneider. Billy is currently studying business management at the University of Minnesota, the same school where his father played college hockey. Billy played hockey from pee-wees to high school, but his height held him back. He grew to enjoy baseball also, and in 1999 he played in the Legion World Series. Billy played baseball in college until an injury forced him to quit. -Disney

Yes. The majority of the actors in the film who made up the 1980 Olympic team had significant prior hockey experience.

This included Michael Mantenuto (Jack O'Callahan in the film), who was a theater major at the University of Maine, where he also played Division I hockey. Nathan West, who portrayed Robbie McClanahan, had played in the OHL for a season. Nathan also appeared in 2000's Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst and was a hockey playing extra in Mighty Ducks 2. Patrick O'Brien Demsey (Mike Eruzione) played college hockey for two years, and Eric Peter-Kaiser (Mark Johnson) was a drama student at Potsdam University NY where he was playing Division 3 college hockey.

Yes. Brooks was the last person to be cut by coach Jack Riley from the 1960 gold medal winning U.S. Olympic team. At right is a photo of Herb Brooks in his shortly worn 1960 Olympic attire ( click to enlarge ). Brooks did however later play in the Olympic games in 1964, and he was the captain in 1968.

How did the U.S. victory over the Russians and subsequent Olympic Gold Medal at Lake Placid in 1980 become known as the "Miracle On Ice"?

The "Miracle On Ice" catchphrase took hold after sportscaster Al Michaels exclaimed, "Do you believe in miracles?" just after the final seconds winded down in the United States' 4-3 victory over Russia. -Disney

The Miracle on Ice was a monumental victory on both an athletic and political level. The nation was looking for a distraction from world events, which included the impending threat of nuclear war, the country's hostages in Iran, and the long lines at the gas pumps. With little good in the news, Herb Brooks and his ragtag hockey team of college kids soon became the national focus. Their victory over the Soviet Union, our Cold War enemy, gave the United States a symbol of hope. It also inflicted upon the Russians a scar of defeat. The players became celebrities, and still remain national heroes. Even U.S. coach Herb Brooks enjoyed the limelight a little. He dropped in for an unannounced appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on February 27, 1980 (above, right - click to enlarge ).

Yes. Sixteen of the twenty-seven players from the 1980 Olympic team went on to play in the NHL. See a list of the players and their NHL teams .

Yes. Herb Brooks first returned to the Olympics in 1998, coaching the French team at the Nagano Games. Then, in 2002, Herb Brooks coached the U.S. Olympic hockey team at the Winter Games in Salt Lake City. To begin the Games, Mike Eruzione led other members of the 1980 Olympic team in the lighting of the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony. At Salt Lake City, Brooks led the U.S. team to a silver medal, defeated in the final game by Mario Lemieux and the rest of team Canada, who were coached by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. When asked why he decided to return to coach at the Olympics, Herb Brooks said the following, "Maybe I'm sort of like the players -- there's still a lot of little boy in me," Brooks said. "And maybe I'm a little smarter now than I was before for all the stupid things I've done." -

Yes. Following his 1980 Olympic victory at Lake Placid, Herb Brooks coached the New York Rangers (1981-85). There he set a franchise record, reaching 100 wins quicker than any other coach in the organization's history. After leaving the Rangers, Brooks coached the Minnesota North Stars (1987-88), the New Jersey Devils (1992-93), and the Pittsburgh Penguins (1999-00). -

On Monday August 11, 2003, just six days after his sixty-sixth birthday, while on his way to the Minneapolis airport to board a flight to Chicago, Herb Brooks lost control of his minivan and veered onto a grassy area at a highway intersection north of the Twin Cities. Chucke Menke of USA Hockey said that Brooks was coming from a Hall of Fame celebrity golf event. State Patrol Lt. Chuck Walerius said that an inspection of the accident scene (above, right) revealed that Brooks had apparently not been wearing his seatbelt. His body was found about forty yards from the vehicle, which is thought to have rolled several times. Anoka County coroner's office said that Brook's died of multiple blunt-force chest and abdominal injuries when he was ejected from his vehicle ( ). The State Patrol's report confirmed Brooks wasn't drinking, speeding, talking on his cell phone or having health trouble before the crash. Officials also said that weather and road conditions were ruled out as contributing factors. The State Patrol concluded that he most likely fell asleep at the wheel ( ). The following morning after the accident a makeshift memorial could be seen at the site of the wreck. Commuters slowed down to pay their respects, spotting the hockey jersey and the University of Minnesota hat on the side of the road. -

Yes. Brooks had visited the sets of Miracle around Vancouver, British Columbia. He had spoken with the actor portraying him on the big screen, Kurt Russell. He talked to Russell about possibly watching a game in which Russell's son played, who is a Tier II goaltender. -

Disney's Miracle wasn't the first movie to depict the 1980 U.S. victory at Lake Placed. In 1981, the TV movie Miracle On Ice aired with actor Karl Malden portraying Herb Brooks and Steve Guttenberg as goalie Jim Craig. The movie is not currently available to buy online, but keep an eye open for it on TV.

Watch the end of the real 1980 Miracle On Ice Olympic hockey game where we hear Al Michaels utter one of the most famous lines in sports history, "Do you believe in miracles!?" Also, check out video footage of Mike Eruzione scoring the game winning goal.

Team captain Mike Eruzione scores the game winning goal at the Olympic Winter Games at Lake Placid in 1980. It was United States' fourth goal of the game. Mike and the U.S. team would go on to win the gold medal after beating Finland.

This shows the last 1:15+ of the 1980 Olympic hockey game, which would later be called the Miracle on Ice. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest moments in sports history. The final score was USA 4, USSR 3. Al Michaels is announcing with broadcasting partner Ken Dryden.

Browse the 1980 U.S. Olympic Lake Placid team roster. For player pictures, see the top of this page. (Roster page loads at the USA Hockey Website)

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