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Description: Tired of Googleing "Things to do?" Offline puts your city's best places and events in your pocket every weekend. Everything from date ideas and live music to festivals and running trails is all in one place.

Offline gives people instant access to the best events and experiences in their city, curated daily. Our goal isn’t to feature everything happening in a city, it’s to feature everything awesome happening in a city. That means we throw out the mega chains, the boring and the blasé and celebrate the businesses, places and events that make cities truly special. Do you think you belong? Read on!

If you think your business or event should be included on Offline, tell us! But first, we should fill you in on how we review content at Offline. Like we said, we don’t feature mega chains, so if you happen to run a Bojangles franchise, we know your cajun fried chicken is great, but it’s not for Offline. However, if you happen to run an authentic Peruvian rotisserie chicken restaurant. we’re all ears.

We’re on Instagram and Twitter, you’re on Instagram and Twitter, so let’s talk there! If you’re making an event announcement through your social media channels and you want us to know about it (you do), tag us and we’ll use that as your tip. Yep, it’s that easy.

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