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Description: Don't spin wool without this guide by your side!

A yarn spinning wheel is a magical tool, and so much fun to learn how to use! Think of all the wonderful ways you can use the yarn you will have handspun! This free eBook from SD includes advice on how to get started, how to choose the right tool among all the spinning wheels available, and where to buy your first spinning wheel.

  • Today there are three distinct breeds of Leicester: the English, the Border, and the Blueface. Get to know the Border Leicester in this eBook.
  • This fiber has a 6- to 12- inch staple. Although traditionally white, Border Leicesters have been bred for many wonderful natural colors ranging from silvery gray to a rich brown.
  • Drumcarders are excellent for long wool. It is helpful to pick the fleece prior to feeding it into the drumcarder.
    • Wensleydales are a dual-purpose British longwool breed originating in 1839 as a cross between a longwool ewe and a Dishley Leicester.

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