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Description: Ubuntu Studio provides plenty of options when it comes to sound and music production. Learn about all of the options here. For just playing music files on your computer, Audacious can be used.

Ubuntu Studio provides plenty of options when it comes to sound and music production. Learn about all of the options here.

For just playing music files on your computer, Audacious can be used. Audacious can also play CD's or streaming audio from the internet. Additionally, it includes a plugin to output audio to a JACK Audio server.

For simple editing and recording, Audacity gets the job done. Audacity is a multi-track editing solution that includes very simple editing tasks, such as fade in/out. Audacity has yet to incorporate support for Hardy's default sound server, Pulse Audio, so to run Audacity in Hardy, open a terminal and run: pasuspender -- audacity This will suspend Pulse Audio while Audacity is running. This is not needed in Feisty or Gutsy.

Another recording program included in Ubuntu Studio is timemachine. Timemachine is a recording application that begins recording ten seconds before the record button is hit and continues recording until the stop button is hit. This is useful in case you create a unique sound, which is not easy to recreate, but forget to record it.

Rosegarden is an audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, and general-purpose music composition and editing environment. It has the following features: Full syncronisation and connectivity with other applications via JACK, MIDI realtime recording, MIDI step recording, matrix editor, score editor, drum editor, MIDI automation, import-export from-to known MIDI file formats (MID, XML etc.), score export to lilypond files as well as PDF documents and internal support for LADSPA, DSSI plugin standards.

Hydrogen is a very nice little pattern-based drum machine. If you only want to create a good beat, this is the program to use. You can choose between several drumkits that can be downloaded from the hydrogen website or installed via synaptic and edit them. You can also create your own drumkit with your own samples. The mixer and the four effect channels allow you to adapt the sound to your needs. Accessing its midi input via jack, you may as well use rosegarden (which does not bring its own drumkits) as sequencer.

Seq24 is a simple sequencer, and not much else. Here is a brief howto on using it to create a song in Linux HowToSeq24Introduction.

JACK Rack is a GTK-based host application for the LADSPA plugin set. It allows for realtime signal processing using any LADSPA plugins that will allow realtime processing. In Hardy there is a bug that prevents the Saving and Loading of presets.

creox is a real-time effect written for electric guitar and may of course also be used for other instruments. It contains a distortion, a phaser, a flanger, an echo and a tremolo effect. creox is quite easy to use and is a good program to play with when you are trying to work with jack for the first time.

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