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Description: Put Giganews' performance to the test with our Usenet download speed tool.

The Giganews Accelerator is a software-based news proxy which will allow you to compress headers and enable 256-bit SSL encryption, regardless of whether or not SSL is supported natively by your news client. All authentication and commands are also encrypted, whether or not you have a Giganews SSL-enabled account, which allows you to help improve security avoid traffic shaping. Download the Giganews Accelerator to get the most out of your Usenet experience.

Group or Terms: comp.* Computer-related discussions humanities.* Literature, religion, history, etc. misc.* Any newsgroup that doesn't belong in another hierarchy news.* Discussions regarding Usenet itself (creation/removal of newsgroups, abuse issues, etc.) rec.* Discussions regarding recreation of all types sci.* Discussions of scientific topics soc.* Current events & societal issues, as well as simple socializing ("chatting") talk.* Discussions of sensitive topics; newsgroups here tend to include very lively debates, where soc.* is more casual

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