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Description: Like definition, of the same form, appearance, kind, character, amount, etc.: I cannot remember a like instance. See more.

Like 1 as a conjunction meaning “as, in the same way as” ( Many shoppers study the food ads like brokers study market reports ) or “as if” ( It looks like it will rain ) has been used for nearly 500 years and by many distinguished literary and intellectual figures. Since the mid-19th century there have been objections, often vehement, to these uses. Nevertheless, such uses are almost universal today in all but the most formal speech and writing. In extremely careful speech and in much formal writing, as, as if, and as though are more commonly used than like. The commanding general accepted full responsibility for the incident, as any professional soldier would. Many of the Greenwich Village bohemians lived as if (or as though ) there were no tomorrow.

used to lend a somewhat tentative and detached tone to the speaker, to give the speaker time to rally words and ideas: Like I was like groovin' like, you know what I mean? (1950s+ Counterculture & bop talk)

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