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Description: Find XDesk and other free web applications at CNET Download.com. Using XDesk is similar to having ten different monitors going at once

Using XDesk is similar to having ten different monitors going at once. For example, you can automatically open all office-related programs on the first desktop, all Internet-related programs on the second, and so on. This streamlines your work and makes each desktop more efficient. Some key features include an AppBar that closely resembles the MS Office shortcut bar, hot key and mouse shortcuts, XDesk Quick View, and a Rules Wizard. Now Xdesk provides the following features: better support for multiple monitors (especially in QuickView); exclusion lists for mouse hooks and Activity log; "Maximize all" command & hotkey; improved "sticky windows"; lower resource usage; reverse XDesk icons in the tray (for WinXP, if you don't already have SysTrayX).

I have yet to find anything as good as XDesk. It is simply unbeatable! I found a comparable product, but it is still not quite as good. XDesk supports the Aero interface! When I press Windows-W to show the top view, my programs are animated (even when inactive). There are other things, but the list could probably be quite long, so on to the cons field.

It appears that XDesk does not work properly in the 64-bit environment. Perhaps it just installed improperly the first time. I do not recall trying it a second time. Maybe I should. Has anyone else discovered this? Maybe when I try it again, I can write another review. I tried contacting the makers, but I do not recall if I received a response. It also appears that I cannot check it, as it is on a different operating system and I am not in the mood to restart just for that.

I looked at the MokaFive demo video, but it looked more like a Virtual PC style program than a virtual desktop manager (allowing multiple desktops on a single machine).

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XDESK Download - Softpedia

XDESK Download - Softpedia