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Description: The aim of this tutorial is to get you running a copy of Pokémon Game Editor (PGE) -- the Pokémon ROM hacking toolbox and creating your very...

The aim of this tutorial is to get you running a copy of Pokémon Game Editor (PGE) -- the Pokémon ROM hacking toolbox and creating your very first dialogue script in XSE.

First let's download PGE. In the sidebar locate the link to the Community DropBox. Then navigate to Hacking Tools -> PC -> GBA -> Pokemon_Game_Editor_Setup-

Download the file, run it, and accept the terms and conditions. You may wish to change the location where PGE is installed as you'll be visiting this directory later in the tutorial series. After you have chosen, click install then run PGE (labelled GBAPokemonGameEditor) from the Start menu.

After you run the program you'll be prompted to update it to the latest version, click yes. After this your PGE window should appear.

This window is where (most) of the tools used for GBA ROM hacking can be found. We'll start by exploring XSE. Cick on the XSE icon (second on the first row). You'll be asked to install it. click yes and when the download is complete click on the XSE icon again to start the program.

Let's take a moment to consider what a script is. A script is a piece of code that executes when an event occurs in the game world to trigger it. An example of an event might be selecting which Pokemon to use at the start of a game, pressing 'A' next to a sign, or talking to a character. Now we have an idea of a what a script might be let's try and make a basic one of our own.

Where OFFSET is the location of the free space in the ROM you want to store the script. Think of a ROM like one big book where the scripts are the various paragraphs that make up the book. In this analogy, an offset would be the page and paragraph reference for where the script is stored. In Fire Red the offset 0x800000 is the first available free space so you'll see that particular offset used a lot.

Now we've got the first line out of the way let's see a short complete script and break it down line by line.

The #org pseudo-command is used to signify the start of a script, @main names this portion of the script 'main'.

lock is used to lock the player in their position and unable to move. It's commonly used during dialogue to stop the player moving around while a character is talking.

The msgbox command is made up of two parts. The command 'msgbox' which is used to produce a message box and the @spk1 and 0x6 argument. An argument gives the command the information it needs to work. Think of it like a vending machine, it needs the specific number code for the chocolate you want as well as the money before you get your chocolate.

The @spk1 argument references the @spk1 portion of the script that contains the string of text we want to appear, in this case "Hello world!" 0x6 argument is used to signify which of the five types of text-box should be used.

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