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Description: The latest version of the OS includes a voice dial. When you install it, the upgrade will also hard restart your phone so make sure you are backed up with your data etc. I prefer MS Voice

The latest version of the OS includes a voice dial. When you install it, the upgrade will also hard restart your phone so make sure you are backed up with your data etc.

I prefer MS Voice command. It requires no training, works well and will even open and play on the Media Player hands free! My wife laughs at its speech impediment ;-)

The MP3 player works pretty good, although not as good as ipod. I added a 1gig card and it works well.

HERE IS MY PROBLEM: I wanted to use a Belkin FM transmitter to play through my stereo in my car, BUT the transmitter uses a 3.5mm 3 pole jack and the XV6700 uses a 2.5 mm 4 pole jack. I got the needed adaptor (afther intensive searching)on ebay from "manyui" and it works great!

    • 3.5 female, to 2.5 male
    • If you have headphones with a 3.5 jack, and you need to connect to your Verizon XV 6700 Pocket PC, CDM105 or CDM8945 which has a 2.5 input port, this is the adapter you need.

I had LOTS of trouble with Active Sync. Although it worked well with my old HP Jornada 540, when I hooked up my VX6700 it crashed. To make it work: I uninstalled the ActiveSync program COMPLETELY (including going into "Program Files" and deleting the ActiveSync folder. Then I rebooted, and reinstalled the latest version of ActiveSync from Microsoft (free download) that worked well. I have had some bumps in the road though. The latest was it just stopped working for no reason. Since I sync with 2 different PCs I knew it was in the XV6700. I tried a soft restart which did nothing, so I did a hard restart which solved the problem.

Oh, yeah. Norton is a big problem with Active Sync. I had to uninstall it and switch to PC Cillin, which seems to work well.

  • Hard Reset?
    • Hold both softkeys ( buttons with - on them to the left of the Windows key and on the Right of the OK button)
    • push in using stylus as per a soft reset.
    • a prompt will appear saying "Press Y to restore Factory Default Press N to exit"
    • as per the prompt, on the slide out keyboard you press Y to hard reset and N to exit.
  • Install ringtones?
    • With the phone docked, allow it to sync. Then open the Windows Mobile Device drive. Go to the windows folder, and there is a folder called rings. Just move any audio file there so that it can be used as a ringtone. Or copy the audio (mp3 or wav) file from the SD card to the Windows\Rings folder. If you have a 3rd party mp3 player installed, then the mp3 file may not work for rings.
  • Use only Wi-fi and disable usage of Data Plan?
    • If you do not have Verizon's data plan, anytime you connect to the net via Sprint's data services, it will cost a bundle. Is there a way to disable the accessing Internet through Sprint's data services? Is there a way to connect to the Internet through only Wi-fi (without disabling the phone)?

change any of the connections that connect to the net to a dummy connection (create a blank connection bytapping "new" then enter in blank details and set that as the default network profile.

Another way to do this is call up customer service for Sprint/Verizon and tell them that your borrowing your phone to your son/daughter and you do not want them to be using any "data". Then ask them to put a "cellular data block" on your phone, which will stop you from accessing Vision/Broadband Access.

In Site 1 you will find a hack near the bottom to disable Verizon's STUPID disabling of Wi-Fi when trying to make/take calls. In case the site goes away:

Note that Verizon's AKU 2.2 update does not have this restriction. The phone is no longer disabled when the Wifi radio is on.

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