Yhe hole

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Description: Define hole: an opening into or through something—usage, synonyms, more.

1 a.   an opening through something.   perforation <have a hole in my coat> b.   an area where something is missing.   gap. as (1).   a serious discrepancy.   flaw. weakness <some hole s in your logic> (2).   an opening in a defensive formation; especially.   the area of a baseball field between the positions of shortstop and third baseman (3).   a defect in a crystal (as of a semiconductor) that is due to an electron's having left its normal position in one of the crystal bonds and that is equivalent in many respects to a positively charged particle

2.   a hollowed-out place: as a.   a cave, pit, or well in the ground b.   burrow c.   an unusually deep place in a body of water (as a river)

4 a.   a shallow cylindrical hole in the putting green of a golf course into which the ball is played b.   a part of the golf course from tee to putting green <just beginning play on the third hole > ; also.   the play on such a hole as a unit of scoring <won the hole by two strokes>

5 a.   an awkward position or circumstance.   fix <got the rebels out of a hole at the battle — Kenneth Roberts> b.   a position of owing or losing money <$10 million in the hole > <raising money to get out of the hole >

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