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Description: A Yamaha YZ 125 motocross or supercross dirt bike modified with aftermarket dirtbike parts to be fast.

Wouldn't it be great the next time you line up at the starting gate to not only blow away your competition on the track, but also blow their mind and confidence before the gate even drops?

The FMX Team thought so too, so we created a totally intimidating race bike built to the hilt for just that purpose. We purchased a brand new 2004 YZ125, stripped it down to the frame, and then built it from the ground up. Most parts on the bike increase the performance and/or add strength and durability. However, some of the stuff is just pure bling. If you want the best handling, most reliable, and sweetest looking bike at the races, this is your bike.

The motor is basically kept stock, with the exception of machined, matched cases, light porting work, Hinson cluth and the V Force reed cage. We elected to keep the motor at 125cc in order to keep it legal in the 125cc class. However, if you want some serious juice out of your 125, we can have Rick Petersen bore and/or stroke the motor to make it almost anything from a 134cc to a 167cc. With motor mods, NOTHING will even come close!

This can be your bike! You can do all or part. Pick out the items on the list that fit your budget and call us. we'll package it out to you. You don't own a YZ? No problem, we can tailor the parts to fit whatever you ride. Don't let the prices scare you too much, remember that you will get the FMX discount price at Faster-Motocross.com and there is FREE shipping on many orders.

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