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Description: Now, as much as everyone would like to smash their keyboards to the new YYB game, I must not let you. Fret not -- there is a way! Note: The method introduced in this guide is imperfect since

Now, as much as everyone would like to smash their keyboards to the new YYB game, I must not let you. Fret not -- there is a way!

Note: The method introduced in this guide is imperfect since TNT decided to make computer players latch on to you and spontaneously steal your Yooyu. I have yet to find a way around this.

Instead of the classic mouse controls, YYB is now controlled by the up/down/left/right keys on your keyboard. Mouse control is completely disfunct. You cannot shift from player to player; instead, the game auto-swaps your control between your teammates based on who's nearest to the Yooyu. (Very frustrating-- but we must cope with it.)

Direction: Upon starting the game, you will be given the option to play from right to left or left to right. This guide will be demonstrated in left to right mode.

Formation: After selecting the play direction, you will be prompted to choose which team formation to play in. There are three formations to choose from: 3+1 (defensive), 2+2 (balanced), or 1+3 (offensive). Choose 3+1 formation to follow the tactic in this guide.

There are 7 types of Yooyus in Yooyuball: Normal, Snow, Fire, Faerie, Darigan, Mutant, and Clockwork. Each Yooyu has its own unique attributes, with the exception of the Normal Yooyu. The type of Yooyu will be shown before each play, and which Yooyu you get is completely random. )

Fire Yooyu. Moves at a faster speed than the Normal Yooyu. NEW: This Yooyu will launch itself after being held for 5 seconds by the same player.

Mutant Yooyu. Can have the attributes of the Normal, Snow, Fire, Faerie, and Darigan Yooyus. It can also switch between attributes in the same play, meaning it might act Darigan for one second and Faerie the next.

One of the better aspects of the new YYB is the installation of powerups! There are 4 kinds of powerups that may randomly pop up during gameplay: Speed Boost, Goal Expansion, Freeze Opponent, and Mystery Power-Up.

You will use this method to score most of your goals. This tactic works with Normal, Snow, Fire, Clockwork, Mutant, and Faerie Yooyus. Yes, Faeries too.

The first thing you want to do when the play starts is hurry and grab the Yooyu before your opponent does! But sometimes you won't succeed and your opponent gets it first -- that's okay, just try to regain it and bring it back to centerfield. You can also try letting your opponent have the ball first, and then approach him and mash spacebar to steal the Yooyu/knock him away from you.

Now, move STRAIGHT FORWARD to your right (or left, if you're playing right to left). That's right, I said it-- no curves, nothing. Just straight forward. Hold down spacebar shortly after getting the Yooyu to charge your throw. Keep it held down while making your movements so that you can navigate and build up power at the same time.

Keep going straight until you reach a little past the halfway point between your opponent's goal and centerfield. Then, while still moving forward, hit your down arrow so that you navigate in a south-east direction. Don't go south-east too long; release your down arrow as soon as you reach right above the southern corner of the goal. There should still be a bit of distance between you and the goal.

Now, go straight forward for just a bit more. Once you're a comfortable distance from the goal (but not right in front of it), release the spacebar to make your shot. If done fast enough, the goalie will still be somewhere in the upper half of the goal and your Yooyu will go straight in!

There is a flaw with this tactic, however. There is a chance that one of the opponent's players will latch on to you while you advance forward, and steal your Yooyu. As far as I know, there is no real way to prevent this from happening since the computer's players are programmed to do this. If this happens, try your best to recover the Yooyu and re-attempt the tactic.

It is not possible to steal from the opponent's goalie anymore, and this section will be removed soon.

However, be wary-- the opponent can still steal from your goalie. I believe this is a glitch that still has not been fixed.

Darigan Yooyus are a special case and the normal way of scoring will not work with them. These little critters are very frustrating to deal with. They seem to be even more unruly than their past selves in classic YYB, sometimes flying up to 180º off of their "normal" trajectory. This may sound slightly ridiculous, but the best method for scoring with them so far seems to be passing them to the opponent's team. These Yooyus are so unpredictable that more often they'll go in unintentionally than when you purposely try to score.

Firstly, gain possession of the Darigan Yooyu and bring it close to your opponent's goal. Make sure that at least one of your enemy's players are following you. Once you're close to the goal, purposely pass it to your opponent and hope that one of their shots will accidentally go in. If it doesn't, retrieve the Yooyu and try again. This may take anywhere from one or two tries to an entire minute; it's all a matter of luck. But, the bottom line is that eventually, they will score into the goal.

Note: I am avidly searching for a consistent way of scoring with Darigan Yooyus. Please neomail me if you know of a better method. I will update this portion of the guide as soon as I find one. )

Defending your own goal is one of the most frustrating aspects of new YYB, especially with the faulty auto-swap. As far as I know, there is no exact "procedure" to defending since we never know what auto-swap has hiding up its sleeve, but here some tips that will hopefully aid you in keeping your goal Yooyu-free.

If the opponent's forward grabs the Yooyu and you do nothing about it, most of the time he will throw the Yooyu straight forward @ high speed and it will lan, near, in front of, or smack right into your goal.

In order to prevent this, act swiftly if your opponent takes the Yooyu first. Charge at him with your forward and quickly tap spacebar. If you are accurate enough, you'll steal the Yooyu from him. Even if you tried and missed, the opponent will no longer shoot straight forward but instead pass it diagonally to another team member.

When your opponent does this, they have the ability to steal your Yooyu at any random moment. To avoid the steal, either make your shot at the opponent's goal ASAP, or if you're out of the vicinity, try to launch it as far as possible into the opponent's side of the field and hope a teammate there is there to receive the pass.

Although it's really fun mash spacebar and dash around aimlessly, please don't do it. When you dash, you move only in straight lines, meaning that you have little command over your direction. Also, if you fail to steal a Yooyu during the dash, your player will briefly stop and you will lose all movement control for about a second. Due to these two factors, gratuitous amounts of dashing will make it very difficult for you to navigate your players, which in turn weakens your defense and allows your opponent to score much more easily. Only dash when you have already taken aim at your opponent's Yooyu -- make it count!

If you receive a Yooyu while near YOUR goal, get rid of it as fast as possible! I can almost guarantee you that if you try to run it across to your opponent's side, your Yooyu will get stolen along the way.

Of course, go ahead and run across if there aren't any opponents obstructing your path -- but frankly, that usually isn't the case. To cope with the viscous Yooyu-stealing enemies, start charging as soon as you obtain the Yooyu and try to throw it as far away from your side as possible. It's also a good idea to not charge while stationary, for that'll only make you a sitting duck.

Don't be afraid that your Yooyu will end up in your opponent's hands. Even if they do receive it, it'll be at a further distance away from your goal and you'll have more opportunities to defend. But usually, your forward will be present on the foe's side of the field and you'll be able to safely retrieve the Yooyu.

In the new version of YYB, it is possible to steal the Yooyu from the goalie. So if you charge while you're not moving, an opponent can easily march up to you and take your ball, then shoot it right into your goal. Movement does not hinder charge-up in any manner, so go ahead and make your goalie dance while getting ready to launch the Yooyu into outer space.

- Frequently press shift key while moving to keep your other teammates in their original places, and to prevent unwanted auto-swap.

- NEVER play in HQ/large window unless if your computer has 8 cores, 4839543 Gigs of RAM, and if you pay $500 a month for your super advanced professional high-speed internet. Otherwise, you'll get bombarded by lag. Instead, try low quality Yooyuball.

- If your player's movements are unresponsive, delayed, or "sticky", you're most likely suffering from lag. Try playing YYB in low-resolution. updating your flash player, clearing your browser history, and closing unnecessary programs.

- Your Fire Yooyu will automatically launch itself after being held for 5 seconds. This is not a glitch, TNT just doesn't want your poor player's appendages to burn.

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