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Description: Adult Movie Review of Girls Who Lust released by Written by Epiphora. XCritic rating Watch It Online

Special Features. Girl-Girl DVD previews ( Girls in the Mood. Girls Who Like Girls. Girls Get Hot ), solo masturbation previews ( Girls in Need. Erotic Moods. Sensual Intimacies ), website freebies (slideshow and website preview), and DVD bonus features. The bonus features are various clips of "before," "after," and "backstage" for the three pairings. Luckily, all of them reinforce that the passion is real. Cleo, for instance, has a crush on Carys. And pretty much everyone wants to fuck the director, Patience. as do I.

Audio/Video Quality. Shot in high-definition and anamorphic widescreen, the video looks pretty amazing. Two of the scenes are lit by natural light, making the girls' skin glow beautifully. Angie and Odette's scene is not naturally lit, and seems to be lit mostly from above, resulting in some unfortunate shadows at times. During the scenes, I was pleased that there weren't any ugly video transitions, so the scenes seem very continuous. The camera angles are not especially exciting, but they're natural, and so the cuts are fluid and unobtrusive.

For the most part, the audio is great. You can hear the breathing, the licking, and the wetness of their pussies, which I love. There are, however, some distracting muffled bumping sounds, probably from microphones being bumped.

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