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As told us, and it is so true, the “quick flick of even a so-so mascara can make a big impact but the best mascara goes the extra mile.” We want to go the extra mile, for so many reasons like Instagram, the Red Carpet, and well life moments, so we can perfectly bat our eyes. We poured through their exhaustive test results, yes, exhaustive and we take this very seriously, and found out their top seven mascara picks to transform our eyelashes into the long, thick, curly ones we all pine after, pretty much match ours. But wait, there’s more. As we all know, it’s not enough to just have a great mascara, it has to be applied right to avoid smudging and get thickness. I bet you haven’t heard of some of these five musts. We didn’t know all of them either.  Follow the rules in combination with selecting one of the 7 best mascaras and you will be on the road to thicker, more beautiful lashes. Really.

So see if any of your favorites made the list. The 7 best mascaras from the long lashes that don’t look like tarantella legs mascara study (and we couldn’t agree more as we honestly put several especially the Benefit and the Lancome to the test) are:

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