Clothes are soaking wet

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If you clothes are wet after the spin cycle you will need to check the following items: Motor coupler, spin cycle, siphoning, and the water inlet valve.

1. Motor coupler. In order to test the motor coupler, start the washing machine in its spin cycle. Let the machine run for a little while and then open the lid. If the machine is spinning when you open the lid then the coupler is fine. If the machine is not spinning when you open the lid then you may have broken coupler. If this happens then you need to replace it. The motor coupler will be located with the shaft of the motor on one side and the transmission on the other.

2. Spin cycle. If your washing machine doesn't reach its proper spin speed then your clothes will be wet at the end of the spin cycle. First make sure that your clothes are properly distributed inside the tub of the machine. Unbalanced loads can cause the spin speed to be disrupted. Run the spin cycle again after you have done this and check the clothes again. If the clothes are still wet you may have a faulty belt, a faulty clutch or a broken motor pulley. You may also have an outside chance of a faulty tub bearing but you will probably hear it first making a loud rubbing or squealing sound. You may also have some clothes caught between the inner and outer tub of the washing machine. This would cause the spin cycle not to reach its proper speed.

3. Siphoning. If your wash water flows back into the machine after the spin cycle is complete that can cause your clothes to be wet after spinning. This will usually happen if the main drain hose is not draining properly. Check the drain hose to see if it is blocked. Check the other sections of this troubleshooting topic that deal with problems with drainage to help.

4. Water inlet valve. Water inlet valves all eventually fail with use. One big problem is that the valve loses the ability to close all the way when the power is shut off to the valve. If that is the case then water will continue to flow or drip into the tub during the spin cycle. You can notice this problem if your washing machine has water sitting in the bottom of it even when it hasn't been used in a couple of days.

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