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Description: 5 reviews of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services "Reading the other reviews, now I don't feel so bad. Called many, many times and intake would not talk to me and they did not return any of my calls. Clearly they are not interested in helping me,…

Didi Hirsch seems like a place where mental health professionals go to gain experience. Unless you're willing to be a guinea pig, DON'T go.

Terrible. I had three visits and I was still doing intake. According to them, I would have had to gone through 5 intakes for me to start seeing somebody on a regular basis. That to me is ridiculous. I told them that I don't want to keep re-living my trauma as it puts me in a very bad dark place, but it didn't matter.

Security - He kept hitting on me and followed me inside during intake. Security is supposed to make clients and patients feel secure, not unsafe.

Front desk - Sometimes they'll acknowledge you, sometimes they won't. Unprofessional in the way they talk.

I had an appointment with "doctor" Rees. She may have a degree, but she has absolutely no experience when it comes to patient care. When I told her that I didn't want to tell her about my trauma again, she told me to leave. What kind of a "doctor" tells a patient to leave? I gave her a letter from my old psychiatrist and told her that she can contact her. She also had my files from the first two intakes. Rees is very inexperienced and unprofessional. AVOID.

Worse than doctors. Carolyn - I'm not sure how she became the manager of the Sepulveda center. Nothing about her says manager to me. After the doctor told me to leave, I complained. She didn't get back to me until I complained again a week later. When she did finally call, she didn't apologize for anything. She sounded annoyed, probably because I complained to the VP of Clinical Operations. Long story short, I was very hesitant to meet with her because I didn't want any form of backlash as I'm hypervigilant. Terrible experience with her. I didn't feel like she wanted to help me and her actions weren't of a person who wanted to help me. Terrible manager. She doesn't have any customer service skills.

VP - She was nice. She apologized and said what she was supposed to. However, I was disappointed in her at the end because she didn't try to help me and make things work so I can get help.

It's easy to send someone a list of places and tell them you can get help there, but what about Didi Hirsch? I went to go get help at Didi Hirsch.

I can go on and on about my bad experiences at Didi. Avoid this place unless you have absolutely no other choice. They have strict rules and it doesn't matter to them if those rules may hurt you. They treat you like a robot. You either do and follow their rules or you get no help. If a rule doesn't help a patient, why enforce it? For example, I didn't want to keep re-living my trauma and I was told to leave when I said I don't want to go through it again. Not only that, but if you call to get help, they may punish you. After my first and second visits at Didi and going through my trauma as part of the intake, I didn't feel well and needed a therapy session. I called and not only did I not get a therapy session, but they cut my therapy sessions from 52 to 12.

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