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The Norwegian Elkhound is hardy, well-built, and possesses great strength and endurance. This is a breed of great dignity, adaptability, and dependability.

I have an American Eskimo and she does great with my cat and other dogs. She is really friendly. You are already familiar with the Spitz breed because of your Norwegian Elkhound so maybe an Eski would be right for you too.

I recently started to care for my brother's Norwegian Elkhound as my brother is unable to care for him at this time. I also have a large male Boxer of six years. Our boxer and now our Elkhound, once introduced slowly and with supervision, are the best of friends. Up early each day the Norwegian Elkhound is ready for a 4 block run alongside my bike. Next a run with my boxer. I feed them and then they run and wrestle together for about 45 minutes in the yard. Awesome to watch. This exercise is repeated again in the evening. Two happy healthy dogs are the result. The Elkhound definitely needs and benefits from the exercise. He is very gentle and very energetic. My Boxer is very happy with his new best friend.

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Norwegian Elkhounds - Kamia Kennels

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Van Maanen Elkhounds - Norwegian Elkhound Breeder

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Norwegian Elkhounds.

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