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Description: Looking for the perfect engagement ring or bridal set? Simon G offers quality and elegance that will be sure to impress. View our classic collection today!

These bridal duos offer several advantages over proposal and wedding bands that are normally bought separately. Engagement ring sets have a very distinctive look and could be the perfect way to tell her just how much you love her.

Uniformity is another big advantage to these pairs. Sometimes, try as you might, it can be hard to achieve a uniform look when choosing separate bands. Duos are designed to incorporate both bands into one stunning piece of jewelry. This uniformity is something many brides desire.

A pair of bands is also one of the most classic looks for the classic bride. Engagement ring sets are unique all on their own and, instead of looking as though you are wearing two or three different items, the pair looks like one incredible piece. Purchasing a wedding pair is also convenient. You only have to make one purchase and not go on the hunt for a matching band. While it is certainly a big decision, we are confident that our wide range of jewels will make it a much easier process. We have designs to suit many tasteful styles and fashions for your bride-to-be.

In addition, this is truly a choice of style coupled with comfort. It can take time for a woman to get used to wearing a band on her finger. One of the bands could shift and move and the other could turn, making it uncomfortable to wear jewelry. A pair is worn as just one item which is a lot more comfortable for many brides. Some pairs will even feature two separate wedding bands that hug the main band on either side. This style can be more difficult to don if all three pieces were to stand on their own.

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