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Description: After installing and registering Imaging Toolkit 10, attempting to perform a driver search on Imaging Toolkit 9.x or 8.x will fail with "Driver searches have been disabled". Login to

After installing and registering Imaging Toolkit 10, attempting to perform a driver search on Imaging Toolkit 9.x or 8.x will fail with "Driver searches have been disabled".

Login to the ENGL web site. navigate to the My ENGL > My licenses page, click Display license for the version of Imaging Toolkit that you wish to perform driver searches, start Build Console for the Imaging Toolkit version you wish to perform driver searches, then select Help > Register Imaging Toolkit to reactivate the license.

Using Imaging Toolkit 10 on a machine running Windows 7, Server 2012 R2, Server 2012, or Server 2008 R2 may cause Windows ADK 10 Dism Host to crash when running Integration Wizard to create WinPE boot media.

Launching Build Console web hyperlinks such as Documentation, Walkthroughs and Support, within a VMware Guest running Windows 10 with VMware Tools will display "Default Host Application" error.

In the Windows 10 guest, select Control Panel>Programs>Default Programs>Set Default Programs. select Internet Explorer. then select Set this program as default .

Searching for Windows Updates using the Base Image Preparation Tool (Zimageprep) on Windows 10 and 8.x may fail if the machine is behind a proxy.

  • Added: Windows 10 November Update (1511) support
  • Added: System Center Configuration Management 1511 support
  • Added: Active Directory certificate auto-enrollment during build process
  • Updated: Imported Windows 10 media description now includes build number
  • Updated: Driver download improvements
  • Updated: Driver analysis improvements
  • Fixed: Build Console crash when attempting to load project with encrypted passwords
  • Fixed: Build process crash when sending status updates to Deployment Monitor
  • Fixed: Build Console incorrectly calculates required disk space when creating driver images
  • Fixed: Failure to read ZENworks Image-safe Data (ZISD) during build process
  • Fixed: Failure to read/write ENGL Build Data (EBD) on UEFI hardware
  • Fixed: Hotfixes.zmg not restored to UEFI hardware in standard Zim template
  • Fixed: Windows 10 Volume License (VL) media cannot be used with KMS
  • Added: Ability to automatically create a Windows base image with all critical Windows updates installed
  • Added: ZENworks 11 Configuration Management SP4 support
  • Added: System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Management SP1 support
  • Added: Windows 10 support
  • Added. NET Framework 4.6 support
  • Added: Novell Client 2 SP4 support
  • Added: Notepad++ syntax file for zim.cfg
  • Updated: Build process will disable ZENworks update and Endpoint Security services during build
  • Updated: Build process will list any unknown hardware devices to the log
  • Updated: ZENworks imaging updates will be filtered based on patch level
  • Updated: Build process will log the ZCM server used for registration
  • Updated: Ability to check if ENGL WinPE is in automatic mode
  • Updated: Hard disk selection process in zimget.s
  • Fixed: Project setting for Geographic ID is not saved
  • Fixed: Log trace window is not refreshed
  • Fixed: Zupdate not showing new updates when "Include previously installed updates" was enabled
  • Fixed: Zim Goto and Gosub fail to expand variables
  • Fixed: Read-only fields in Zim forms get focus (WinPE)
  • Fixed: Zim form does not set focus to first available editbox (WinPE)
  • Fixed: Zim Dialog:Input functions do not set return variable (WinPE)
  • Fixed: Zim LDAP:Move fails (WinPE)
  • Fixed: Windows media catalog creation may fail
  • Fixed: ZISD is not written to the same location used by img if ZISD does not exist
  • Fixed: Ziminst does not validate media before attempting to proceed
  • Fixed: Mass-storage drivers are not always copied for base image creation
  • Updated: Ability to prepare a master VDI image using ZcloneWiz
  • Updated: Base Image partition size is now 60GB by default for new projects
  • Updated: Improved driver downloads from slow connections
  • Updated: Improved support for long file paths in Build Console
  • Updated: Status updates now include Zim and Ztoolkit log files (requires Deployment Monitor 1.0.4)
  • Updated: Support for "Windows 8.1 with Update (Nov'14)" media
  • Updated: Support for "Windows Server 2012 R2 with Update (Nov'2014)" media
  • Updated: WinPE imaging now handles network adapters that are slow to initialise
  • Updated: Zim logging is now enabled by default (zimrun.s and zimpeget.cmd)
  • Fixed: "Check for updates" does not run automatically after upgrading
  • Fixed: "Display task list" should not be pre-selected when only creating ENGL Application Deployment Collection (SCCM)
  • Fixed: "Open folder in Explorer" for manually imported and replaced drivers is not shown in context menu
  • Fixed: "Remove unused files" deletes downloaded drivers for existing machines
  • Fixed: "Remove unused files" may cause Build Console to crash when removing drivers
  • Fixed: "Search for drivers" using proxy authentication where no credentials are used may cause Build Console to crash
  • Fixed: "Searches remaining" information is not updated when license is replaced
  • Fixed: Adding a monitor server with the same description as one in an open project automatically selects the server in Expert View but does not enable the save button or correctly validate
  • Fixed: Analysing Lenovo driver may fail to identify the setup file
  • Fixed: Build Console crashes when creating multiple driver images
  • Fixed: Deletion of .NET media from the File Library when in use by an open project should not be possible
  • Fixed: Driver installation may fail in phase1
  • Fixed: Form:Item. RadioButtons should only select one option (Zim for Windows)
  • Fixed: Help page is not found when asking for help when replacing driver
  • Fixed: Importing ZENworks media may hang Build Console
  • Fixed: Input locale contained incorrectly formatted Brazilian locale settings
  • Fixed: Merging UEFI VMware workstation driver scan changes driver pack to "search required"
  • Fixed: Setting "Encrypt passwords" when running Deployment Wizard cannot be unselected
  • Fixed: When used for a preboot bundle AssignZcmBundle does not make the selected bundle "effective" with ZCM 11.3.2
  • Fixed: ZCM Satellite "PXE Service Enabled" option is not shown when opening a saved project
  • Fixed: ZISD may not be found on AFHDs
  • Fixed: ZISD should not attempt to write to sector 4 on UEFI hardware
  • Fixed: Zim cannot connect to an LDAP source that uses a SHA-2 certificate
  • [Build Console] .BAT files are not processed correctly when installing drivers
  • [Build Console] Invalid characters can be used for a manually created machine model
  • [Build Console] Opening a corrupted project XML file causes a crash
  • [Build Console] Setting additional user password expiration is only valid for Windows XP
  • [Build Console] Wizards are not shown correctly in Windows 8 if the display text size is set at 150%
  • [Build Process] Copy log file fails in phase3 on SCCM builds
  • [Build Process] Zlockdwn fails to start after it has been installed by Zdrvpath
  • [Tools] Zupdate may download duplicate updates and add duplicates to the install.cmd
  • [Zim] Form:Item ListBox_File does not select the top item by default (Windows edition)
  • [Zim] WIM:Apply may cause the message "Failed to Apply WIM image. There is not enough space on the disk" more than once
  • Updated: Ability to send detailed build task status updates to Deployment Monitor (requires Deployment Monitor 1.0.3)
  • Fixed: Build Console crashes when deleting files with long paths
  • Fixed: Dell drivers containing mup.xml fail to be correctly analysed
  • Fixed: Project validation not requiring a product key for Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 retail media
  • Fixed: Searching for drivers crashes after losing internet connection and attempting to search again
  • Fixed: Unable to add new user to a group on localised (non-English) WIM based OSs
  • Fixed: Windows 7 (and above) N media cannot be used after upgrade from Imaging Toolkit 8
  • Fixed: Zupdate does not include /norestart for IE 11
  • System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager support
  • ZENworks 11 Configuration Management SP3 (with Windows 8.1 update / FRU1) support
  • Windows 8.1 deployment support
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 deployment support
  • Windows ADK (Automated Deployment Toolkit) 8.1 support
  • [Driver Management] Download all missing drivers for one or more machines
  • [Driver Management] Search and download latest drivers for multiple machines / OS versions
  • [Imaging] UEFI 64-bit support
  • [Imaging] Improved stability when handling read/write of ZENworks Image-safe Data (ZISD)
  • [Imaging] Zim Installer (ZimInst) now supports creation of UEFI bootable USB/DVD media
  • [Other] .NET Framework 3.5.1 and .NET Framework 4.x are now installed during base image creation process
  • Updated: Ability to copy Build Console error items from the error view to the clipboard
  • Updated: Ability to install and run Imaging Toolkit on Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2
  • Updated: Creating driver images will now purge the workspace after each driver image
  • Updated: Date and time of driver query are now displayed in Build Console
  • Updated: Driver can now be right-clicked in driver Property View to Open location in Explorer
  • Updated: Enable SCCM Client debug log entries during the build process
  • Updated: MSD drivers installation order is now maintained for Deployment Wizard base image creation
  • Updated: Multicast Menu is now in the Zim template
  • Updated: SCCM application deployment package ID are now displayed from Expert View
  • Updated: ZCM 11.3 experimental support (non-EFI)
  • Updated: ZCM 11.2.4 support (non-EFI)
  • Updated: Zdrvpath restart dialog now has a "Restart Now" button
  • Updated: ZtoolkitCtrl now has methods to add/remove SCCM collection members
  • Fixed: "Edit" menu should be disabled when selecting multiple custom files
  • Fixed: Build Console may crash when Integration Wizard is run and project selection does not contain valid media
  • Fixed: Build Console may crash when attempting to manage projects with invalid Windows media
  • Fixed: Build Console may crash when cancelling Deployment Wizard whilst creating unattended installation files
  • Fixed: Build Console may crash when displaying the Property View
  • Fixed: Build Console window title is not updated if project load fails
  • Fixed: Build process trace window does not expand to full screen
  • Fixed: DMI:Get "Bios Information", "Chassis Information" and "System Information" return empty values
  • Fixed: File Library does not show imported media when cancelling the "Finish" page
  • Fixed: Hardware ID debug logging was too verbose
  • Fixed: If "Prompt to update settings when legacy project is opened" is disabled the project will not be updated
  • Fixed: Importing unsupported Windows media shows "Windows Media media was unrecognised"
  • Fixed: Integration Wizard does not convert back slashes in to forward slashes when creating a templated zim.cfg for ZENworks (ZMG) imaging
  • Fixed: It should only be possible to add .NET 3.5 SP1 media
  • Fixed: Logging on locally as administrator on a clone build shows the phase 2 desktop background
  • Fixed: Logging on locally as administrator on an SCCM build shows the phase 3 desktop background
  • Fixed: Mask edit box does not allow entry until selected with space-bar or mouse-click
  • Fixed: Project Selection page should have scroll bars
  • Fixed: Project validation may fail to display all warnings and errors
  • Fixed: SCCM project validation should ensure AD logon is configured
  • Fixed: SCCM project validation should report separate error codes for invalid site code length and SCCM username
  • Fixed: SMS Agent Host service is not restarted if machine is rebooted in phase 2
  • Fixed: Set SCCM = CreateObject("ENGL.Ztoolkit.SCCM") should be added to SCCM project phase scripts
  • Fixed: Status window may start timer at 01:00:00
  • Fixed: Unable to edit EditBox_Mask item if default value does not match mask
  • Fixed: Validation does not report an error if SCCM client command line is empty
  • Fixed: WIM:Apply should not create a TEMP folder on the C: drive
  • Fixed: Windows 8 builds should default to a local account for the first user logon
  • Fixed: Windows builds do not restart with the correct phase task when a Hotfixes image causes a reboot in phase 0
  • Fixed: ZCM debug logging is enabled regardless of project settings
  • Fixed: Zapphook throws an exception attempting to write to the Ztoolkit.log file
  • Fixed: Zim (for Windows Edition) menu displays empty number column when _MenuNumbers is set to OFF
  • Fixed: Zim (for Windows Edition) navigation using alphanumerics does not work
  • Fixed: Zim does not catch unbalanced If: functions
  • Fixed: Zim template development menu "make image" option fails to create images
  • Fixed: Ziminst does not clear splash screen for LAN connected bootcd's
  • Fixed: Ziminst.pl does not handle 11.2.4 (or 11.3.x) Tuxera driver file correctly for USB boot devices

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