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Description: Yokohama vs Kumho Escta SPT vs Hankook Ventus S12 Evo Wheels & Tires

I ordered them few days ago. I called discounttire this morning but he manager insisted that the Yokohama is better. He said that the test uses all new tires, but he has seen the hankook goes bad once it starts to wear out.

Considering the Hankook is a relatively new tire and Tire Rack only started selling this model a week or two ago, it sounds like the manager is just making excuses to keep you from changing your order. Tire Rack has a lot more S.drives in your sizes that they have to sell than Ventus V12s.

It's also interesting that Hankook does not let Tire Rack sell the entire line of Hankooks and Tire Rack had to beg Hankook to be allowed to sell the Ventus V12 while Discount Tire Direct has been selling the Ventus V12 since its release at the end of last year, and now that Tire Rack finally gets Hankook to supply Tire Rack with the Ventus V12 that a Tire Rack manager would bad mouth the Ventus V12.

Re-read the actual tire test. Please pay attention to the part where Hankook supplied three identical sets of Ventus V12s as the "control" tires to determine the effect of condition changes on the tests. If C&D experienced any wear effects on the Hankooks' performance, it wasn't mentioned in the article. And, with three different sets being run through all the tests, it seems logical that if there were any wear differences between the sets of Hankooks that C&D would have pointed that out in the article.

Oh, another thing, the article said all tires were broken in to Tire Rack's specifications prior to the beginning of the testing. So, no, these were not zero mile tires. If the Hankooks start to go bad with mileage, well, this wasn't noted in the tire test. In fact, the Hankook outperformed the, both with the same or similar mileage.

The is good tire, but it is about three years old and newer designs perform better. Just like cars, the newer design will usually perform better. But, you might still prefer a little older model for various reasons. And, when the older model gets replaced, its replacement will outperform today's hot ticket.

One of the difficulties in reading reviews by forum members is they don't have the luxury of testing multiple brands. They can only compare the replacement tire with the replaced tire. And, their memory of the replaced tire is at the end of its life. If you want to read about someone with experience with all three of your tire choices search for the post from one of the SoCal performance shops with experience with all three of these tires.

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