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Description: "One-Winged Angel" (片翼の天使, Katayoku no Tenshi?) is a musical theme from Final Fantasy VII, and...

I know that with every concert that we have, when we have the orchestra perform "One-Winged Angel", for some reason or another that's the one that has the biggest reaction, and everyone sort of expects that to be in a Final Fantasy concert. I still can't figure out why. I know that I pushed everyone to his/her limits, but then it worked out in the end. —Nobuo Uematsu

"One-Winged Angel" ( 片翼の天使. Katayoku no Tenshi ? ) is a musical theme from Final Fantasy VII . and it is notable for the final boss theme and for being the first theme in the series to feature vocal lyrics. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

"One-Winged Angel" is one of the most popular tracks of the Final Fantasy series. The song's name refers to Safer∙Sephiroth. who has six white wings where his legs should be and a grotesque black wing where his right arm should be, but since its original appearance, this title is commonly used to refer to Sephiroth himself and serves as a motif for the character (Sephiroth's original character theme from Final Fantasy VII is "Those Chosen by the Planet "). With Sephiroth's popularity, "One-Winged Angel" has received several arrangements and had several appearances outside Final Fantasy VII. never far from the presence of the villain it is associated with.

"One-Winged Angel" broke new ground in the Final Fantasy series by being the first song in a Final Fantasy game with lyrics. The developers experimented with the song and took the recording of it and reduced it in a way it would fit the game; Uematsu has mentioned that "One-Winged Angel" is a good example of an experimental song, or a result that they didn't expect from the beginning.

Nobuo Uematsu apparently got his inspiration for "One-Winged Angel" through Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho theme. Nobuo himself states it so in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children special feature, "The Distance: Making of Featurette" on Disc Two of the Two-Disc Special Edition. Nobuo Uematsu has also said he had wanted to fuse "musical styles of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky and rock musician Jimi Hendrix" with the song. [1] Specifically, "One-Winged Angel" appears to be based on Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring " in terms of form and orchestration, using the "augur chord", one of the most famous motifs Stravinsky came up with.

Uematsu had not been trained or been in an orchestra prior to composing "One-Winged Angel", but he wanted to keep the orchestral music atmosphere and be able to "rock it" and have a thick orchestral feel to it. He had samples of stuff he had prepared for the orchestra, but in the end he ended up just giving it over to them and seeing how they could perform it. [2]

During the VOICES: Music from Final Fantasy concert, the encore piece was "One-Winged Angel" performed by both The Black Mages and the orchestra. Afterward Uematsu has stated: "At that moment, I knew that was the complete "One-Winged Angel". So I still think "One-Winged Angel" is a rock piece ". [2]

"One-Winged Angel" first appeared as the background theme for the final battle against Safer∙Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII. It was released as the sixteenth track of the game's original soundtrack 's fourth disc.

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