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Isabelle finds a new bouncy ball, and decides to keep it rather than return it to its original owner

Finley and friends take on a big job when they are tasked with painting lines on the long road to Farville

Jesse becomes upset when the trucks give her a cruel nickname, but learns how to speak up for herself

The trucks are excited about receiving new toys, but decide to give them away to those who are less fortunate

The youngster is unhappy that he has to spend the day with an old fire truck, but soon learns some valuable lessons

After a blaze breaks out at DJ's garage, Finley organises a show to teach the trucks about fire safety

Dex wants to play football instead of working and tricks the trucks into doing his job for him, but grows jealous when they end up having more fun than him

All the trucks give Captain Parker big presents for his birthday, making Finley feel bad about his small handmade gift

DJ damages her shovel and refuses to work on the grounds she cannot do everything herself. She learns that it is acceptable to ask for help from others

Gorby has a bad case of hiccups and the trucks help him to get rid of them before a big football game

Dex boasts about his birthday bash, but when nobody shows up, Finley and friends throw him a surprise party

The excitable engine decides there is not enough adventure in Friendlyville and leaves town, but he gets scared and homesick and soon starts to appreciate what he has left behind

DJ enters a Strong Truck competition, but when she meets Sven the Steamshovel, she decides that she probably will not win

Gorby feels he is not as impressive or successful as his award-winning cousin Gavin, until he realises he is just as special in his own way

Isabelle finds a lucky horseshoe and becomes convinced it is bringing her good luck, so she is distraught when it goes missing

Finley leaves the station in a mess, which means he cannot find a piece of equipment he needs to save a baby bird

The gang competes in a race but Scooty ends up taking credit for winning, even though he did not come first

Dex and Finley learn to work together while stranded on a camping trip, and look set to earn their special merit stickers

Finley forms a club based on his favourite TV show - but discovers some of his friends feel left out

Scooty is disappointed when he learns he cannot ride on the train, so his friends use their imaginations to make a train of their own

The truck is disappointed when Captain Parker cancels a fishing trip, but he soon learns that sometimes adults have other responsibilities

Suds is upset when a flower is ruined in the truckyard, so the trucks decide to create a garden for him

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