First person and third person

Keywords: literacy, year, 5, sentence, level, person, 1st, first, 2nd, second, 3rd, third, person
Description: Sentence Level Objective 8: to revise and extend work on verbs (see Y4 objectives), focusing on: person: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Identify and classify examples from reading; experiment with transforming tense/form/person in these examples - discuss changes that need to be made and effects on meaning

First, second and third person are used to describe the subject of a sentence. "I " and "We " are known as the "first person ", because you are talking about yourself.

You use the "second person " - "You " when you are talking directly to another person or group of people.

He. She , It and They all refer to the "third person ", even though this may be a group, not an individual.

"He ", "She ", "It " and "They " may also be referred to by their actual names, for example, "Tom ", "Sally ", "Spike " or "Tom and Sally ".

Read each sentence carefully and decide whether the subject of the sentence is first, second or third person. Choose the correct answer from the drop-down box, then click "Finished" to see if you were right.

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