How to connect xbox 360 to pc monitor

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Description: Looking to use an Xbox One with a PC monitor? Here's how.

Almost everyone has a television in their living room. Modern televisions come with amazing picture quality and offer a lot of power savings when compared to their predecessors. Televisions can be expensive though, and that’s why you need to know how to connect your Xbox One to a PC monitor.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where simply having a television to connect to your Xbox One isn’t ideal. Most offices don’t have televisions that you can connect to. Often times when we do have a spare television, its older and doesn’t offer the ports or sound quality that we want or need. Meanwhile, there’s probably an old PC monitor sitting in your cloest now, not doing much.

The process of connecting your Xbox One to a PC monitor starts with finding the right monitor for the job. Make no mistake, not just any monitor will do.

The first thing you need to consider is screen size and aspect ratio. The Xbox One is an entertainment system, its made primarily for video games and music. As such, its interface was designed on the assumption that you have a widescreen television. You should take that into account when you’re considering which PC monitor to use. If you don’t you could end up with a very squished user interface.

The Xbox One only supports two resolutions 1080p and 720p. What that means is that your monitor will also need to support one of those resolutions too.

Second, I’d take sound into consideration. We’re so used to our televisions having built-in speakers that we forget most monitors don’t. You’re going to want to hear the sound coming from your favorite video games or movies, so have a plan for sound ready. If the monitor you own or just recently purchased doesn’t have sound, you’ll need to find a speaker of some kind that supports infrared audio input. Or you can invest in a set of wired or wireless Xbox One headphones and get your sound that way.

Microsoft’s own Xbox One Stereo Headset will work great if you’re fine with a wire running from them to your Xbox One controller. If you aren’t, consider investing in the Turtle Beach 500X Wireless Headset for Xbox One. It isn’t cheap, but the sound quality is amazing. The Xbox One controller requires that users have a headset adapter. This adapter comes with all of the Xbox One headsets themselves, but if you’re using headphones of your own you’ll need to purchase the adapter.

Finally, we need to talk about video ports. The Xbox One itself is singular minded in that it only has a single way to get video out. That single port is called an HDMI port. Every television sold these days has an HDMI port. They’re pretty popular on older televisions too. They only started to dominate monitors and computer displays in the last few years. Chances are you could have a monitor with an HDMI port already, but it’s entirely possible you don’t. There are cables and adapters that you can buy to connect an HDMI port to a VGA equipped display, but that experience is going to vary greatly. Amazon offers more than a few options to choose from. Likewise there are DVI to HDMI converters if you have  monitor equipped with that port on Amazon too.

If you’ve done your homework, making your connections should be fairly easy. No matter whether you’re connecting directly with HDMI or using a converter you want to use the HDMI out port on the left-back of your Xbox One. It’s labeled HDMI Out to TV. 

While you’re back here, it’s a good idea to connect any external sound equipment if you’re going to need that to. Wired headsets that connect to the Xbox One controller don’t require any connections to the Xbox One itself. If you’re connecting a soundbar or speaker system, you’ll need to use that Optical Audio port in the back that glows red. It’s a good time to connect your Kinect 2 sensor to your Xbox One if you have one of those too.

If all of your connections are firm then you’re ready to turn the Xbox One on and find out if everything is working. Chances are that if you had a simple set-up process — like from the Xbox One directly into an HDMI-equipped monitor — everything works fine.

For some setups you may need to tweak some settings. For that, there’s the Xbox One Settings app. You can access it from the My Games and Apps area of the console or by simply saying “Xbox, Go to Settings” if you have a Kinect 2 sensor.

All of the options you are looking for are located in the Display & Sound menu. There you can calibrate your monitor and change its default video and sound output.

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