Hundredth window

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Description: The Hundredth Window,Charles Jennings,Lori Fena,hundredth window,age internet,privacy security,indentifiable information,power out,rules datanet,information economy,personal privacy,privacy game

"Our online privacy and security can be compromised, no matter how vigilant we might think we are."

"Computers are now fundamentally in charge of the most important human communications systems."

"Venture capitalists and stock analysts are using our names as a fundamental unit of value in the market-place."

"Those who work with Internet start-ups quickly learn that growth and momentum?much more than profit or size?are what drive employee morale, attract funding, and create value. "

Biography: Charles Jennings is the co-founder of TRUSTe and of the Internet firms Preview Systems, GeoTrust, and Supertracks. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Lori Fena is co-founder and chairman of TRUSTe and is chairman of the Electronic Frontier foundation, an organization devoted to defending individual rights and promoting responsibility on the Internet. She lives in Norfolk, Connecticut, and Sterling, Alaska.

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