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Description: IDL, the Interactive Data Language, is the ideal software for data analysis, visualization, and application development.

Enjoy unique flexibility on large images or multi-dimensional data with IDL software's open architecture. Read and write virtually any formatted or unformatted data. Handle user-defined and unusual data formats with ease. We even include specialized support for HDF, CDF, netCDF standard and other formats central to missions at NASA, NCAR, NCSA, NOAA and other prominent organizations. Support for DICOM, HDF and HDF-EOS puts you in control of these industry-critical, unique data. Common image formats - JPEG, GIF, DXF, PNG - are read and output with ease.

Don't get frustrated using packages with limited data type support. If you're performing quick, "ad-hoc" analysis in IDL, you can use more efficient string, byte, 16-bit integer, and long word formats to conserve system resources and speed processing. Of course, if your work demands it, you also have floating point, double-precision floating point, double-precision complex value, complex value and 64-bit integer data types at your disposal.

IDL's object-oriented, extensible graphic system lets you interactively render 3D images. Spin or fly-through a surface. Shade and illuminate with multiple light sources. You can even see the intricate details inside volume data by performing volume visualizations.

Built-in persistence of objects enables you to create the graphic once and visualize it from different perspectives without time-consuming redraws. And, because IDL's accelerated 3D graphics takes advantage of OpenGL and other compatible standards, interactive 3D graphics perform faster than ever before.

Objects aren't always the answer. Coupled with IDL's traditional Direct Graphics, you have two methods at hand for looking deeper into your data. IDL's direct graphics have been the high-performance foundation for application development for more than 20 years.

Quickly crunch numbers with IDL's mathematics and statistics libraries, including industry-standard Numerical Recipes� algorithms and numerous intrinsic routines. These exhaustively-tested, fully integrated libraries offer functions for everything from basic number-crunching to signal processing to experimental kernal development. And remember, they are included at no extra charge so you won't waste time and money buying third-party libraries and making them work with your programs.

Visually build GUIs with drag and drop ease. The IDL GUIBuilder facilitates rapid generation of interfaces that let anyone utilize the power of IDL. "Intuitive." "Easy to use." These are the things your users will say when they see your IDL application. The IDL GUIBuilder is integrated within the IDL Development Environment (IDLDE). The IDLDE is the best place to rapidly write, test and debug your code. Even IDL power-users work faster.

When you're ready to print your results, IDL offers scaleable TrueType� fonts and delivers output in standard image formats and PostScript. IDL automatically displays and prints at the maximum resolution of your monitor and printer for the highest quality output possible.

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