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Description: The Lord’s Resistance Army is a brutal rebel group of abducted soldiers. Invisible Children exists to stop them & bring every captive home.

End a War The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is a brutal rebel group of abducted soldiers. Invisible Children exists to stop them and bring every captive home to their families.

For nearly 30 years, a warlord named Joseph Kony has terrorized East and central Africa. He has kidnapped over 30,000 children to strengthen his army, forcing the boys to become soldiers and the girls to become sex slaves. Kony instructs the members of his LRA to abduct, threaten, destroy, and murder in the name of his spiritual powers.

In central Africa, there are currently hundreds of thousands of people displaced because of LRA violence, and many of those who remain in their communities live in fear of the rebel group. Thousands of families have children missing from the decades of armed conflict, unsure if their loved ones are dead or alive.

We’re pursuing peace We are ending the LRA conflict in the only way we know how: through innovative programs that protect communities in central Africa, and lay the foundation for lasting peace in the post-conflict region.

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