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Description: Kwon Ji Yeon (Hangul: 권지연, Hanja: 權智蓮) is the daughter of Jin and Sun Kwon and was conceived on...

A few days later, when Sun was in Los Angeles, Ji Yeon again spoke to Sun on the telephone. She exclaimed that she missed her mother and wanted her to come back. She was still in her grandmother's care at that time. (" This Place Is Death ")

Jin first saw pictures of Ji Yeon when Charles Widmore showed him pictures of her that were on a digital camera that Sun had brought on Ajira Airways Flight 316. (" The Package ")

In the afterlife, Sun revealed to Jin that she was pregnant as he carried her, shot and bleeding, away from a restaurant. At the hospital, having an ultrasound with Juliet caused Sun to remember, and seeing Ji Yeon on the ultrasound triggered Jin's own awakening. Together, they remembered their previous lives. (" The End ")

  • Out of all the main characters, she has only met Sun and Hurley .
  • Ji Yeon means "flower of wisdom." (" Ji Yeon-Enhanced ")
  • Ji Yeon is an orphan, surviving both her parents.
  • Ji Yeon is one of eight characters to have their name appear in the title of an episode, the others being Sun, Hurley, Locke, Kate, Dave, Tricia Tanaka, and Sawyer (as LaFleur ). (" Ji Yeon ")
  • Yunjin Kim played a character named Ji Yeon Yu in the Korean thriller Seven Days .
  • The titles of three episodes refer to Ji Yeon, but indirectly: " The Whole Truth ", which refers to Sun's pregnancy, " D.O.C. ", which refers to the date of Ji Yeon's conception, and, of course, " Ji Yeon ".
  • The actress who plays Ji Yeon, Jaymie Kim. has the surname Kim, the same surname as the actors who play her parents, Daniel Dae Kim. Yunjin Kim. and Sophie Kim. who plays a young Sun in " The Glass Ballerina ".
  • She is one of three non-main characters to have their name in an episode title. The others are Dave and Tricia Tanaka .

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