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Description: Amcor, a leader in complete environmental control for over 50 years, dedicated to quality products, cutting edge design, and environmental responsibility.

For over 50 years, Amcor has specialized in complete environmental control, and their product line includes portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, coolers, air purifiers, ionizers, and aromatherapy scent diffusers. In addition, Amcor has extensive experience as "indoor environmentalists" and is now one of the leading manufacturers of portable air conditioners. By utilizing the newest, cutting-edge technologies and introducing stylish products, Amcor has repeatedly proven itself as a market leader in the portable air conditioning industry.

With fully-staffed operations in more than half-a-dozen world capitals, Amcor has also been able to leverage its worldwide presence to benefit each and every one of its local markets. Amcor's marketing, manufacturing, and distribution is supported by an unsurpassed supply chain to allow Amcor to offer efficient products at an affordable price to its customers, and this also allows for a comprehensive range of products to cover all the needs of its wide customer base.

In terms of portable AC's, Amcor portable air conditioners have been recognized for their durability and dependability, and whether you're looking for a split air conditioner for your office or a portable room air conditioner to cool your personal space, Amcor can deliver cooling comfort at a great price point.

Portable air conditioners are the ideal spot cooling solution for any type of area, and because they can be quickly installed and moved without complicated damaging or lifting of window sills, they offer greater convenience and portability when compared to standard air conditioning units. In addition, portable air conditioners can also provide supplemental air conditioning to central air conditioning systems.

Portable air conditioners are usually rated in BTUs, and the greater the BTU of the unit, the more cooling power it has. Amcor portable air conditioners range from 1,000 BTUs for the Personal Air Coolers such as the APC2000E to 16,000 BTUs for the PLM plasma series, as found in the PLM16000E. Here are some room sizing general guidelines to consider when choosing an Amcor portable air conditioner:

Therefore, whether you choose an Amcor portable air conditioner from the sleek PLM series or the compact NanoMax line, Amcor portable ACs are great for localized cooling and can cost effectively cool an individual room as opposed to an entire home.

Design values continue to reach new heights with the "Plasma" look for portable air conditioners, and Amcor's PLM line offers both form and function. Sleek and compact, Amcor portable air conditioners from the PLM line are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also feature the patented AutoDrain NanoMist technology that vaporizes excess fluid build-up in the unit. This eliminates the need to drain the air conditioner, and the Self Evaporative Booster Technology also uses the evaporative cooling effect of condensation to improve cooling efficiency. Amcor portable air conditioners in the PLM series, such as the PLM14000EH. feature a number of designs that are available in range of cooling capacities - from 10,000 BTUs to 16,000 BTUs, making these some of the most powerful portable air conditioners in Amcor's product line.

The NanoMax series of Amcor portable air conditioners are compact and take up little room in the environment - making them the perfect choice for personal spaces and bedrooms. The NanoMax line features the patented AutoDrain NanoMist Technology that vaporizes excess fluid build-up which eliminates the need to drain the unit. Amcor NanoMax portable air conditioners such as the A12000E feature a powerful cooling capacity range of 7,000 to 12,000 BTUs, handles and casters for easy transportation, as well as long-lasting washable filters and remote controlled operation. Available in a range of designer colors, these attractive and efficient portable air conditioners feature outstanding industrial design that blends perfectly with today's interiors.

For the customer who demands individuality and advanced cooling abilities, Amcor AL portable air conditioners combine stylish design variations that can be matched to consumer requirements. Like the PLM series, the Amcor AL portable air conditioners use the evaporative cooling effect of condensation to improve both efficiency and performance. They also feature a cooling capacity ranging from 10,000 BTUs to 12,000 BTUs, and offer a menu of styles and features designed to work in tandem with well-renowned inner construction. In addition, Amcor AL portable air conditioners such as the AL10000EH feature Matsushita compressors and are available in several different grill configurations with manual, LED, or LCD controls.

The DuoDuctless split heating and cooling systems were developed after extensive market research indicated that many homeowners either didn't have central air conditioner ductwork or wanted to reduce their energy bills by localizing cooling and heating to specific areas in their homes. Therefore, if you need a substantially less expensive alternative to a central air conditioner, products such as the AmcorAir UCHW-H09AF2 features impressive cooling and heating functions with easy installation. These offer a cooling capacity ranging from 9,000 to 18,000 BTUs, whisper-quiet operation, and are a great alternative to central air conditioning systems.

The Amcor Personal Air Cooler portable air conditioner is geared for smaller personal spaces less than 150 square feet and features 1,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. Perfect for home or office use, the Amcor Personal Air Cooler is small enough to fit inside a cubicle or in a compact space. Installation is also a breeze, as these units do not require any ducting to the outdoors and are entirely self-contained in a sleek and sophisticated body. As well, the Amcor Personal Air Cooler includes features such as multiple fan speeds, a programmable timer, LED screen, easy-to-clean membrane switch controls, a dehumidification function, auto open air louvers, and a fold-out ergonomic handle that allows you to transport it from room to room.

1. Easy to Install: One of the benefits of purchasing an Amcor portable air conditioner over a standard air conditioning unit is ease in installation. With the exception of the Personal Air Cooler, Amcor portable ACs must be vented through a window or into another room, but this is an easy process, and the exhaust hose and window/wall kits are included with each unit.

2. Energy Efficient: Amcor portable air conditioners are especially suited for localized cooling, and this means you can cost-effectively cool one room as opposed to the entire house!

3. Versatile: Amcor portable air conditioners come in several different sizes for many different cooling applications. Whether you need to cool your home, office, or garage, there is an Amcor air conditioner that will suit your needs.

4. Affordable: Despite their advanced features and cooling efficiency, Amcor portable air conditioners are affordably-priced, therefore allowing you to cool your home cost-effectively.

5. Sleek and Stylish: Amcor portable air conditioners, specifically the PLM line, have been manufactured to be both powerful and aesthetically pleasing, and the company consistently delivers a new level of integration and style.

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Amcor 8000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner Sf10000e Photos

Amcor 8000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner Sf10000e Photos

Amcor 8000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner Sf10000e Photos

Amcor 8000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner Sf10000e Photos

Amcor 8000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner Sf10000e Photos