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The Kimball Piano Co. was established in 1857 by William Wallace Kimball in Chicago, Illinois. W.W. Kimball

was a brilliant salesman who knew how to successfully market and promote across the USA. At first they

sold pianos made by other manufacturers like Chickering & Sons, Emerson, J. & C. Fischer, F. C. Lighte,

Hallet & Davis, J.P. Hale and Hallet & Davis. They began manufacturing their own pianos in 1888. Kimball

continued with success, receiving numerous awards for excellence, and produced 22,000 upright, grand

military aircraft parts, but later resumed until the company’s finances began to decline in the 1950s. In 1959

the Jasper Corp. a successful furniture manufacturer in Indiana, acquired Kimball. In 1966 they took over

Austrian firm, Bosendorfer. As of 1969, Kimball was one of the largest piano makers in the world. The

Jasper Corp. changed its name in 1974 to Kimball International in order to strengthen their brand in the

furniture area of their business, as the Kimball name was so recognizable. Kimball International (or Jasper

1959 and 1996 were generally very average in quality. However, the Viennese Classic Edition grand pianos

years, Kimball made pianos under the following names: Charles & Son, Dunbar, Harrison, Hinze, Whitney,

Kimball, W.W. Kimball, Jasper-American, Lindenauer, Becker, Conn, De Voe & Sons, Krakauer, La Petite,

Mason & Kendall, Schuerman, Whitmore, Whittaker. By 1996 Kimball International stopped producing

pianos in the the U.S. selling their piano-making equipment to Chinese manufacturer, Artfield Piano Ltd.

Artfield only made vertical pianos under the Krakauer brand formerly owned by Kimball. Finally in 2002, they

sold their Bosendorfer subsidiary to an Austrian bank and exited the piano business. In 2005, Brighton

Music Inc. acquired the rights to the Kimball name, creating Kimball Piano USA. These pianos were made in

technician who brought Kimball back to Chicago, where it started. The aim was to concentrate on the best

details of classic American design and piano building, with parts and components sourced primarily from

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