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Description: Samsung LN-T1953H 19" 1080p HD LCD Television 0 Stores Found. Lowest Price - $0.0

My experience using this product was a pleasant one, especially given the price I paid for it (249.99 after Black Friday price adjustment). It was an open box item, and the original price was $479.99 at Circuit City. I was able to talk them down on the price initially to $379.99, and I returned to Circuit City on Black Friday and was somehow able to talk them down to the $249.99 Black Friday special price. Not a bad price for an LCD TV of very high quality.

The picture is vibrant and is easy to view even from an angle, although LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology has come a long way since it's conception. The contrast ratio is much improved over the older LCD screens that came before this version. The Samsung has a nice flat (not reflective) quality about its face, which means that in a bright room there is likely to be very minimal glare from whatever light source happens to be contaminating the viewing area.

I think the flat non reflective screen is most certainly a big plus for this model, as some TVs I have seen have terribly reflective screens that have so much glare they are nearly impossible to look at without walking away with a headache (some computer screen have this problem too; this Samsung, however, is excellent). The Samsung 19" LCD is great in the lack of reflectivity department, which is great since I'm operating it on a screen porch.

The TV is surprisingly easy to use, and seems fairly intuitive to use. Instructions were provided in the manual for channel programming and after being programmed to pick up all available TV signals, we are now enjoying some of our channels in enhanced quality HDTV with digital signal. Some people have argued that there is no difference between HDTV and regular cable, but I'd like to clarify that there is most certainly a difference in the quality of the HDTV digital signal compared to regular cable.

Buy one of these little Samsung marvels and be surprised to literally see what you were missing! I was skeptical at first, but I'm now thoroughly convinced that digital signal is better than the old school analog. Even the colors are more vivid are there is certainly less noise. Anyone who argues in favor of the old cable must be blind, or at least myopic.

I purchased this product to replace an old school 19" CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) television set on my porch, which seemed as though it was ready to start a fire seeing as how the case was melting at the top and strange electronic stenches (Possibly Polychlorinated Biphenyls?)were emanating from the body of the old TV. It was time to replace the old TV, hello Samsung!

I love the aesthetically pleasing piano black case of the Samsung; I personally find it rather unobtrusive and classically styled. There are many nice features included for a TV of this size which I didn't expect when I purchased it.

I'm not the type of person willing to pay extra for gimmicks like Picture in Picture, which is a feature I'm not sure I'll be using all that much, but in terms of connectors on the back of this TV there are more than just a few inputs and outputs (21 to be exact) including full 1080i HDMI (Play Station 3 connects rather easily).

Seriously though, there are more inputs and outputs than I know what to do with, and digital connections galore for the utmost in high quality picture, this TV does it all. Without upgrading to the HD package from Comcast I still get a few HD channels and the difference is remarkable!

I have also been taking full advantage of the computer PC connection, which I also didn't expect; but a nice feature! This TV is so crystal clear and chock full of pixels that this TV could serve as a full function computer display; and I use it as a computer display for my laptop at times when playing games; top notch picture quality.

I don't think there is anything to hate about the product with the exception of the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). $479.99 seems like a bit much for a TV of this size, and fortunately I didn't pay that much; though it is laden with features!

Also, it is worth noting that the screen size is rather misrepresented; I was thinking it would be bigger than it actually is; although it's still more than adequate. It is 19" measured at the diagonal, but it is still a very crisp clear picture and is certainly large enough for comfortable viewing in a smaller to medium sized room.

It is worth noting however, that in 4:6 (standard TV) aspect ratio, this screen seems a little smaller than when in widescreen aspect ratio. What this means is that the 19" diagonal in 4:6 is really something closer to a 15" diagonal with black bars on either side of the picture. This is just the nature of the TV these days with widescreen TVs and their native aspect ratio, and doesn't really affect this model to its detriment. The aspect ratio is fully adjustable but it sometimes feels like a compromise, that's all. If this model is on sale I would certainly recommend purchasing it.

It is worthy of mention that the TV is manufactured in Mexico, but it seems solidly built, pleasing to look at, and packed with features. After getting my hands on one of the smaller Samsung brand TVs I would definitely consider purchasing another Samsung brand TV, but be vigilant about the price because there may be occasional specials on this TV.

Samsung’s 19” HDTV’s speaker sound quality is quite acceptable; and there is a headphone jack that can be used to connect the TV to PC speakers. The overall quality of the TV seems rather remarkable; I have the set located on my screen porch so I am putting it to the ultimate test as I live in Florida rather near the bay. Stay tuned for the results of the “torture” test. So far I’ve had the TV for about 7 months with no problems. My only minor complaint is that the TV set takes about 5 seconds to turn on; almost like a computer; though certainly faster.

According to Samsungs estimate of 6 hours of use per day the TV should last 27 years; and I certainly hope to get as many hours as possible out of this TV. The TV draws only 55 watts, and I believe the one it replaces drew almost 100, so it is also a "greener" TV than one might think; although it is still a wise decision to dispose of one’s old TV in an environmentally responsible manner as the older CRT tubes are shielded with (pounds worth) lead glass to absorb X-Rays.

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