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Description: Deestylistic This song is performed by Deestylistic.Deestylistic:By My Side

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"I like this song right here."

Baby you know i love you needless to say

i wanna hug you kiss you because

i miss you but i never mean to diss you or

trick you and i know you lovin this too because

you'll always be my boo (ughhh)

you hold my hand and keep me safe

neva let our lives go to waste when

i look into your face lovin' the way yo' lips taste at night

i do a 360 because i think of you missy and

sometimes i know you hit me but we always

end up kissing tell me can this really be a girl

fallen for a G caught up mashin in tha streets

hustle a sack to make some cheese its funny my

honey how 3 words could change this man

took me from mashin wit my boys to

learning things to be a man how you

lift my head up put a smile upon my

face you keep me comin right back

with your warm embrace i'm feelin safe

babygirl when you touch me like that you

lay your head upon my chest now

lemme bring it right back

(Chorus) i'm your lady, you're my man

(i'm your man) I'll do everything i can,

just to keep yoo in my arms all night(all night)

boy i need you by my side,

cause uh ever since we first

locked eyes(locked eyes) visualing all the dreams inside,

makes me sit around and realize(realize)

boy you're love is just so right

i be yo' lady and you be my man holdin'

hands under the stars at night your arms

hold around my waiste so tight it feels

so right when yoo look into my eyes

sparkles like the stars in the sky

you'll always be mine cause a

love like this is all a girl could

wish for filled with millions of kisses

the only one i adore to have and to hold

'till i grow gray and old and as you're wife

i'll be by your side for the rest of your life

So I'm walking to my girl's

house, just to go chill I copped a couple

flowers that was sittin' on the hill i checked

out my breathe hoping that it's minty fresh

So She opened up the door she was wearing a fly dress

So I said, "Girl, you is lookin' so fine"

I couldn't even believe that she was mine

My girl to start with and hopefully end with

She got that walk like she gliding so swift

Then that day, I thought to myself

What if I made a fool of myself but i said,

"oh well" cause she's my girl and

she's in my world she's more prettier

than them diamonds and pearls

you know when i'm with you i'm the

happiest as can be cause i'm so

loved whenever you're around me

between you and me our love's so

true you ain't never leavin me,

cause i can't breathe without you

i'm thankin the lord for the blessin

he gave me he created the eyes for

me to stare deeply her hair, so soft,

and flowing freely the sillouette of her body,

moving so beautifully it's like that,

and I don't want it to go away

i'm lovin' the way she moves and the way she sway

i'm showing her my love

she's my blessin' from above

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