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My son needed a better alarm clock than his cell phone. The rings just weren't loud enough to get him up. Ideally, he likes to wake up with music. I think most people would rather hear music than the annoying alarm buzz.

This sleek Memorex Alarm Clock was purchased at Target for $39.99. It looks very nice, it is thin and silver colored with a large blue LED display right in the middle. It shows the time in black numbers that are easily visible against the soft blue background any time of day or night. In the corner of the display, the clock will also indicate what alarms are on, including the time and method of waking.

The Memorex Alarm has two separate alarms and each may be set to a separate time and waking method. My son has his set to 6:00 A.M. and he wakes up to the Children of Bodom. his favorite Finnish melodic death metal band. There's nothing quite like waking up to the guttaral screams and insane guitar riffs of Alexi Laiho at six in the morning.

You may choose Morning from the Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg. or perhaps Good Morning by The Beatles. One of my personal favorite waking tunes is Time by Pink Floyd with all those alarms at once. Pick your favorite CD, or make your own mix and pop it into the Memorex CD player. You can set it to a particular track or just let it start at the beginning.

You can also choose to wake to the random sound of static, an annoying advertisement, an annoying DJ or perhaps a song on the radio. Just set your favorite station. Just note that the Memorex isn't the best FM receiver.

Finally, you may choose the traditional alarm buzz. The beauty is that you could set two alarms after one another. Perhaps you chose Enya to wake you up, and of course she kept you in a deep sleep. The second alarm could go off ten minutes later to an annoying buzz and wake you up.

The alarm functions are easy to set up, and once set, all you need to do is hit Alarm One or Alarm Two to turn them on or off.

Well, the Memorex doesn't exactly shine for playing high quality music. The sound is frankly tinny and weak. If I could figure out a good alarm function for iTunes, I would set that, because my computer is hooked into my surround sound system. Then I could wake up to the slamming bass lines of Rammstein and the commanding voice of Til Lindermann. However, it works well enough to wake my son up, and that is the most important part. I would not use this radio for casual listening, the sound just isn't good enough for anything but talk radio.

This unit runs on AC, and if it becomes unplugged or if you lose power, it will blink back to 12:00 and not wake you up at the right time. A battery backup would have been helpful.

I really can't say I like this Memorex clock radio. The sound is awful, and it has no battery backup. However, the alarms do work and they are easy to set and the time is easy to see. For what I paid for it, I gave it only two stars. I can't really recommend it, I am sure that somewhere out there is a better sounding alarm clock in the same price range.

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