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Description: Mining Haulage was founded in 1975 with two Directors who are both dead. It is now headed by two Directors of the company Mr. Richard Kazala-Laski and Mrs. Ann Chansa all of Zambian Origin. They are

Mining Haulage was founded in 1975 with two Directors who are both dead. It is now headed by two Directors of the company Mr. Richard Kazala-Laski and Mrs. Ann Chansa all of Zambian Origin. They are involved in al aspects of the company. We further have a staff of twenty-five in marketing and Sales Department and support staff. All staff is adequately trained. The Mining Haulage Company Limited has the necessary expertise and experience to carry out any of the services herein applied for and should the need arise, Management is ready to carry out site visits to ensure that correct products are supplied to end users.

Mining Haulage Company Limited was incorporated in 1975 to offer and provide transportation, building, and refurbishment's modification road construction. The company at that time was involved in heavy duty Earth moving and transporting of Acid for the then NCCM and Eventually ZCCM.

The company has to date contributed a lot in the development of this country due to the fact that, by that tie they were very few contractors, we were the biggest company around that could transport tonnage exceeding one hundred and twenty (120) tons. We transported the locomotive trains engines from Tanzania on behalf of Zambia Railways all to the Copper belt town of Kitwe. At one time we were called the King Acid Transporters.In 1992 the company moved its headquarters from Kitwe to Chingola where a lot of properties were bought as in real estate. The company by that time had a work force of about two hundred and nine (209) employees with forty-one (41) trucks on the move.

Mining Haulage company Limited is an appointed agents for Hoses Industrial and Mining, Astrad Shipping Logistics and Kevin Beals Commercial all of Republic of South Africa. The company is currently involved in supplying and equipment hire with Konkola Copper Mines.

o Office equipment, repair and maintenance. " Computers, accessories, servicing and repairs;o Building materials, hardware/electrical

All their products are S. A and S and 9002 certified. Mining Haulage Company Limited had been doing transportation since its incorporation in 1995. The company is found at plot number 657, Zimbabwe Road, Industrial Areas, Chingola.

Headquartered in Chingola; we have opened a branch in Lusaka in due course to move the headquarters to Lusaka. Mining Haulage Company Limited is divided into Business Units, each concentrating on vertical markets within the Industry.

Sales - This unit concentrates on providing and disseminating products to the end users and clientele. It also markets new products to clientele and works out sale details.

IT Support - With increase in purchase and use of personal efficient back-up service. This unit is subdivided into hardware and Software. This unit provides maintenance and repair services on all IT equipment. It also stocks recommended parts for equipment on contract or sourced through our office. The software part of the unit provides information on various critical applications and as well as customizing certain software to your needs.

Office Equipment - We provide the services of supplying, repairing and maintenance of office equipment as agents of the three companies of RSA. All products are SA & S and 19902 certified.

Motor Vehicle - we provide the services of supply motor vehicles, motor spares, repairs and maintenance.

Building - We have been doing construction of houses, flats and refurbishment modification around Copper belt towns.

Uniforms - we have been supplying uniforms to different companies in the Copper belt through the three companies from the Republic of South Africa.

Maintenance Materials - We have supplied various companies in the Copper belt Hardware/Electrical through the three companies of RSA.

- Computers, i.e. Compaq Desktops HP laser jet printers, HP DeskJet printers, HP Scanners, HP plotters, Epson do matrix printers-etc.

We are located on plot number 657, Zimbabwe Road, Industrial Area, Chingola with another branch in Lusaka.

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