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Description: Corprus Cure is the eighth quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind...

After destroying the Gnaar Mok 's Sixth House base on Ilunibi. Nerevarine has been tainted with Corprus. the terrible disease that Dagoth Ur spread around Vvardenfell. While diseased, the disposition of the NPCs will drop as they fear Corprus, this may cause problems when high disposition is needed.

Cross through land and go to Balmora. there is a boat in Gnaar Mok which can transport Nerevarine to Khuul. from there, take a Silt Strider to Ald'ruhn and another one to Balmora. In the Hlaalu city, go to Spymaster Caius Cosades and inform him about the disease, the Spymaster will be very preoccupied with Nerevarine's condition. The Spymaster knows Fast Eddie. a former Telvanni. who said that Divayth Fyr. an old and wise Telvanni wizard, currently studies the disease and maybe he can help Nerevarine. Caius will give a Dwemer artifact to Nerevarine, in order to gain the wizard's sympathy. The Spymaster will give 1000 drakes and Levitation potions too, for Telvanni Towers require them.

The new objetive is Tel Fyr. Divayth's Tower, the place is next to Sadrith Mora. in Azura's Coast. The fastest way to get there is the Mages Guild 's teleporter to Sadrith Mora, or alternatively using the Silt Strider and boat services to reach the city. Cross the archipelago to southwest until Tel Fyr appears.

Inside the tower, go right and enter the Hall of Fyr. There is a traditional Telvanni hole in the roof, use the Levitate potion or spell to climb and reach the second floor.

Divayth Fyr is standing next to a open book, gain his disposition giving him the Dwemer artifact. Divayth Fyr knows much about the divine disease and will offer a potion that may cure Corprus or kill Nerevarine. The wizard will only give the potion if Nerevarine do a task for him, he wants the Dwemer Boots of Flying  from Yagrum Bagarn. one of his Corprus victims who he houses in Corprusarium.

Corprus monsters can be aggressive. Yagrum Bagarn is standing in a spider-machine which resembles the Dwemer Spiders next to Uupse Fyr. one of Divayth's daughters. Yagrum Bagarn is surprisingly a Dwemer, he is the last of his race alive and was tainted with Corprus in the Red Mountain.

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