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Download the 64-bit driver linked on this page (there is a 32-bit version but i only installed it on my 64-bit Alienware Laptop) then un-zip the and open the newly created folder and install the application called MotioninJoy_060003_amd64_signed.exe

(when  prompted allow it to install from a window that pops up telling you it needs admin privilages to install correctly)

Once installed plug your DualShock 3 into the USB port and run the newly installed application called DS3 Tool as a Administrator.

You may see your Controller in the top drop down menu, although i did not at this point. you would need to click the button at the top that says "Driver Manager "

Here you can see my DualShock 3 Controller connected via usb is listed, if your controller is not listed unplug it and plug it back in to the usb and wait for a few moments then click Reload this page at the top right. By that time you should be able to see your device listed and click the button that says install all (it will overwrite your existing drivers for bluetooth adaptors, but i just went ahead and accepted it and it has not made much of a difference appart from allowing me to use a DualShock 3 as a game controller)

Now close DS3 Tool and make sure it is not running in the system tray its the one that is a DualShock 3 controller logo (if it is right-click the Exit button)

Now you need to re-open the DS3 Tool and it is now listed and you now can make it work with most windows games, click on the box next to Xbox 360 Controller emulator. now click the options button next to it and look at the bottom of that page and click the Enable button. go back to your Profiles page and click the button that says Game Controller panel

On the Game Controllers window click the properties button when the Xbox 360 controller is selected (if you have no other game controllers plugged in it will be the only one there but it has the Xbox 360 controller in the name someplace)

now if you press the buttons on your DualShock 3 Control you should see the buttons light up/move confirming it is in working order.

Thats the USB part over (if your only using USB you can now play the windows games that support game controllers)

Plug in your Bluetooth Adaptor of choice (if your bluetooth adaptor is built in it should have automatically changed the drivers for your to be ready to sync your controller to it)

If your bluetooth adaptor has just been plugged in wait for windows to find and install the new drivers (this may take a few mins so get yourself a drink)

Now they have your drivers installed, go back to your DS3 Tools. unplug your DualShock 3 and then press the PS button on the controll for 20 Seconds (until the lights go out on your controller) then go to the Bluetooth Pairing page in DS3 Tools and you should see something like this

Now plug in your DualShock 3 via USB and click the Pair Now button when your DualShock 3 is connected via usb, once paired you can unplug it from the USB and go back to the Profile page and then select the Xbox 360 Controller emulator and test the vibration on it to check it is connected.

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