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Description: Has the same problems as the worst SNL movies: one-note characters and plots unreasonably stretched to feature length runtime.

Doug Butabi: You can take away our phones and you can take away our keys, but you can NOT take away our dreams.

A Night at the Roxbury is a rather annoying and highly forgettable comedy. That being said, over the years I have accrued more appreciation for the film. I'm not saying that I like it, but I can find a lot more humor in it than I once could. I like the whole idea of it, what with the clubbing, loser brothers, but the execution is just off, as it is often with ridiculous comedies like this.

Two brothers Doug and Steve still live with their parents. Their father owns a floral shop and wants them to work hard for the family business. Instead, the two spend their time hitting on every woman they see and going clubbing at night. Sounds like fun, but the problem is that they fail at both. They can't get in the clubs and when they do, they are lousy with the women. They lust after one night in the hottest club in town, The Roxbury.

Will Farrell and Chris Kattan definitely have good chemistry. The problem is with how their characters are played. Farrell is basically just taken like a slow teenager the whole time, while Kattan looks out the corner of his eyes and scoffs at things. If you can buy into their ridiculous performances, there is fun to be had; it's just not any easy thing to do. I like the supporting cast though.

While A Night at the Roxbury isn't what I'd call a great movie, it has got a place in the world of movies. It's one of those movies that, if you can stand, you watch late at night every once in awhile when you don't want to think about anything. A short runtime and quick paced storyline keeps things moving and makes the movie much more watchable. It will never be considered anything more than a dumb, bad comedy, but still you may want to give it a chance on the off case, you actually could like the humor involved.

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