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Click on a weapon to sell, but do not sell it. Instead, go to the paint menu. Click around where the tower paint screen usually is. When you click the correct location a "Sell Now" button will appear. Keep clicking it and you will have lots of credits.

In order to win this game, you first have to buy the Dagger. Second, earn two wins, sell the Hydrogen Battery, and purchase the Alkaline Battery so you do not waste more battery as you go to the other place. After that, you must challenge more powerful opponents. If you do not, it will take very a long time to earn more wins than losses. Next, earn thirty-one wins, sell the Small Engine, and purchase the Small Engine Deluxe. This let you move faster and waste less battery. Next, earn eight wins and sell four Small Wheels and purchase six Large Wheels. Next, earn twenty-five wins to purchase then Large Tower. Buying a bigger size for your robot costs more energy. After that, earn another seven wins and sell the Small Chassis to buy the Medium Chassis. Then, earn twenty wins in order to buy Razor Discs. This weapon is easy to make a simple target. After purchasing Razor Discs, win fourteen times, sell the Dagger, then purchase the Spear Gun. Next, win ten times and buy the Rear-End Camera. Earn twenty-two wins, sell the Medium Chassis, and purchase the Large Chassis. After that, win thirty-five wins and purchase the Flame Thrower. This weapon is easier to shoot at medium range, even through the gate. Earn forty-three wins, sell the Flame Thrower, then purchase the Armour Regenerator. You can now battle against the powerful robots to become the first colossal robot of all robots.

When your first battle begins, tell your opponent to come to you. If you follow your opponent, you will waste a lot of energy on your hydrogen battery. If your opponent doe not accept your offer, then send your opponent the same message. If your opponent does this again, then wait a little bit longer.

When your small-sized robot with small engine deluxe and are + or ++ during the battle, look diagonally and tell your opponent to come to you. If your opponent accepts your offer, watch as their robot gets closer to you. As it approaches, go in a different direction to avoid your robot losing a lot of armor. When your opponent's battery is less than 20%, they may wait for you to attack. If your opponent does not do this, keep running away. When your opponent clicks to offer a draw, do not accept the offer -- just attack your opponent.

In order to upgrade your robot to bigger-sized robot in less time, you first have to purchase the Dagger. Second, purchase three Small Wheels by selling four Small Wheels. Third, sell the Hydrogen Battery and purchase the Alkaline Battery. Then, win 25 times and buy the Large Tower. Earn 3 wins to get the Plow then win 31 times by selling the Small Engine and buy the Small Engine Deluxe. After that, win 75 times to get the Armor Regenerator. Next, earn 6 wins, sell the Small Chassis, and buy the Medium Chassis. Win 20 times to buy the Razor Discs, sell the Dagger, and win 21 times. Then, sell the Medium Chassis and buy the Large Chassis. finally, win 13 times, sell the Plow, and purchase the Spear Gun. You can now challenge more powerful robots.

When your robot has the Dagger and is ++ during the advanced battle, you must choose the opponent's robot with no weapons on the back. It is easier to cause damage and run out your opponent's discs, spear guns, and flame thrower shots. After it has run out of ammunition, hit the front side of the robot until you are facing the other direction or running out of armor.

During the challenging battle, when your robot jas the Rear-End Camera and a weapon on the back, first click "B." Spin around to face your opponent's robot backward and target it. However, do not let your opponent hit the other side of your robot.

When you have Kamikaze Bomb during the difficult battle and less armor points, use it so that your opponent does not win the match.

Medium Chassi: Gives you 125 armor points and more spaces. Large Chassi: Gives you 166 armor points and more spaces. Large Tower: Increase 83 more armor points and more spaces. 6 Large Wheels: Gives you more grips. Small Engine Deluxe: Lets your robot move faster and lose less energy. Large Engine Deluxe: Lets your robot move quicker and loses less energy (only with Nuclear Battery). Alkaline Battery: Increases energy (buy two Alkaline Batteries only). Flame Thrower: Can shoot through gates and medium-ranged places. Plow: Protects your robot from the discs that are attacking it. Dagger: Can cause damage to your opponent's robot by sticking its side. Drill: Larger weapon than Saw, and causes more damage. Rolling Pin: Bigger-sized weapon to stick your opponent's side, causing extra damage. Kamikaze Bomb: Allows you to order a draw that prevents from your opponent's robot to make a simple target. Armor Regenerator: Increases your armor points. However, it decreases our battery. Rear-View Camera: Allows your robot to see if your opponent's robot gets close to you. Spear Gun: Causes extra damage by shooting your opponent's robot or bashing it. Flash Bombs: Blind your opponent's robot for 10 seconds. Razor-Discs: Inflict more damages by shooting your opponent's robot. The Claw: Can drop your opponent's robot into the pit, off the cliffs, and into the flames. Guided Missiles: Can track your opponent's robot and inflict more damage. Heat-Seeking Missiles: Can cause more damage. Laser Cannon: Helps shooting at very far range. Nuclear Battery: Increases a lot of energy (buy two Nuclear Batteries only). Force Field: Reduces half of the damage done by your opponent's robot. Mini-Gun: Can shoot rapidly at very far range. SpyCam: Helps find your opponent's robot in certain places.

When you are selling the item(s) you have to upgrade your robot, you must click "Buy Parts", then "Weapons", and read the cost of the unwanted item(s). All items are at 90% discount. For example, if you are selling the Dagger, it costs 10 credits. The discount of the dagger is 9 credits.

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