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Description: There are three main types of tea made from the tea bush. These are black teas, which are fully oxidised before drying; green teas, which are unoxidised; and Oolongs, which are somewhere in the

There are three main types of tea made from the tea bush. These are black teas, which are fully oxidised before drying; green teas, which are unoxidised; and Oolongs, which are somewhere in the middle and combine the best qualities of both.

A good Oolong is both refreshing and delicious; the Oolong spectrum has a range of aromas and tastes quite distinct from anything you get with green or black tea - from the delicate, nearly-green Pouchong through rich and subtle mid-range Oolongs like Ti Kuan Yin and on to teas which border on black.

The average cup of Oolong has around half as much caffeine as a cup of black tea, and about half again as much as a cup of green tea.

Although they combine features of black and green teas, their flavour has little in common with either. Unless over-brewed, most Oolongs show almost no trace of bitterness, and generally have a stronger aroma than almost any green or black tea.

Like other tea, Oolong is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. These help prevent cancer, keep the heart healthy and aid general well-being.

In spite of all this, right now it is terribly difficult to find Oolong tea almost anywhere in Britain outside of Chinatown, the occasional oriental grocers, and a small number of specialist tea houses.

Oolong (also spelt Wulong, or Wu Long) is literally 'black dragon' tea, but they say the name originally had nothing to do with dragons; rather, it was named after its discoverer Wu Liang.

Wu Liang was out picking tea one day. After collecting a good load his eye was caught by a river deer. He stopped to slay the beast and when he got home he got distracted by the preparation of it, quite forgetting to dry out his precious tea.

By the time he remembered about it a day or so later, the tea had started to change colour - he was worried that it might have gone bad, but he didn't want to let good tea go to waste so he finished preparing it anyway.

When he got through with firing the tea he made himself a cup and found that he had stumbled on a taste sensation! His surprising new tea was mellow and aromatic, unlike anything he had tasted before.

Once he made the tea for his neighbours they all want to know how to make it, and he was happy to share the technique; before long Wu-Liang's tea was known throughout the province. Through Chinese Whispers it eventually came to be known as Wu-Long cha, or Black Dragon tea.

Most Chinese markets will sell some kind of Oolong tea; in Britain, this is almost always Fujian Sea Dyke Brand - a cheap, dark, toasty-flavoured Oolong which I am fond of, but which is not the most subtle of teas.

Some health food shops also sell Oolong, and considering its health benefits, more should - if your local health food store doesn't stock it yet, perhaps you could convince them.

Usually the only shops with a decent selection of Oolongs are specialist tea shops. Chai Teahouse in Edinburgh, and Tchai-Ovna in Glasgow, have wonderful selections; London has The Tea House on Neal Street, which doesn't seem to have a web site, and Fortnum & Mason 's not far away, which has a range of expensive, high grade teas.

Chai Teahouse now ships tea around the world from its base in Edinburgh. I can vouch for the fact that the tea is very high quality and usually ships within 24 hours of an order being placed. You might also like to consult these reviews of various online vendors .

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